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Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho Features Blogging

To my visitors who watched the blogging episode of Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho, welcome to my blog. I already wrote about the taping of this episode…but I want to clarify portions of the show.

1. I did not give permission to show a reenactment of the swimming pool scene.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy watching Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho. However, I didn’t know they will re-enact the swimming pool scene. Though brief, it shocked me a bit. The little boy in the video reminded me of Luijoe somehow. In the past,a TV show wanted to feature my story but they wanted an reenactment. I refused. I texted the segment producer that I should have agreed to an reenactment. According to the producer, he informed me of the video sequence. Whatever. Permission is needed because I have to respect other family members who don’t want this traumatic scene replayed on TV.

Besides, I think this scene was unnecessary. I assume viewers of the show are intelligent enough to know how painful a death of a child is. Hello, do they assume their viewers are dumb and can’t understand what “drowning” means?

I will just let this slide but it teaches me a lesson next time, to ask how the segment will be produced (if ever there are future episodes).

The fact that I agreed to blogging in a cemetery is enough cooperation on my part.

2. Blogging as a Therapy as my reason for blogging

I went into blogging NOT for my sake but to spread the word about my advocacy, the grief support group called The Compassionate Friends. I clearly remember the producer asking me this question on why I went into blogging. I said I went into blogging to spread my advocacy . Secondly, I discovered the therapeutic benefits of blogging as I went along. That interview portion was conveniently cut. I am disappointed that my advocacy part on the The Compassionate Friends was not mentioned even in passing. The slant portrayed was the reverse.

What is wrong with blogging for advocacy? I believe media should show that blogging is a credible medium for promoting an advocacy or social change.

3. I don’t just blog on my grief

Oh… the video just had to make it even more dramatic that I often write about my son. I wrote only one entry addressed to my son, Justice, My son which you heard me recite on the video. Grief-related topics deal mostly with the recovery aspect. Jessica Soho’s researchers should browse through the archives to see that I also blog on other topics such as blogging, motherhood, Marraige, Love and Health.

Despite these three annoyances, their blogging segment is more comprehensive and balanced than Studio 23 Yspeak’s episode and the “Beware of the Blog” of Korina Sanchez. Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho showed diversity in blogging such as entertainment, history, religion, fashion. Screen caps of blogs shown were that of Alleba Politics, Celebrity blogs of Lea Salonga, KC Concepion, Jim Paredes, Francis Magalona…

And Rhiz of and Brian Gorrell were also featured.

In fairness to the show, some of their viewers got touched with my part. I received heart-felt emails from the viewers thanking me for giving some inspiration.

(Thank you Pinoy Biscuits for the above videos.)

Hopefully the Proudly Filipina segment this coming Friday at 7PM (May 2) will be much better.

On the lighter side, here are the behind the scenes of the taping:

30 thoughts on “Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho Features Blogging”

  1. wow, that was fast. You’re a fast blogger ma’am Noemi. 3 hours ago I was uploading the videos on your request. Your thoughts about the behind-the-scene Jessica Soho episode was insightful…I thought that ‘Touched By An Angel’ was all really about your son courtesy of the Jessica Soho episode. The power of the media is actually a one sided affair unless it’s covered on all angles such as your insights today…amazing. Thanks for mentioning Pinoy Biscuits here ma’am. Maraming salamat po and God bless.

    DCRJ’s last blog post..GMA-7’s PINOY IDOL : MEGA MANILA Auditionees – April 26, 2008

  2. i saw that episode last night..!
    thanks for the inspiration..!
    i too know the effect of blogging..!
    i was “forced to resign” from my job that i had for 10 years when my boss discovered about my blog..!
    i was not given the due process..!
    one day they just decided that i must resign or else get terminated..!
    i was a teacher for ten years..!
    now i am working in a call center..!
    everyday i rant about how unfairly i was treated by the school where i almost gave all my life..!
    i admit being at fault too..!
    my blog was too “loud” for a teacher..!
    but i hope that the school likewise realized that more than anything else…,
    i was…
    human too..!
    i am inspired to write again and continue to tell the whole world what became of me after i decided to share my life through this medium..!
    and thank you for the inspiration..!
    one day the world might just notice my pains..!
    thanks again and GOD bless..! 🙂

  3. I was able to watch the show and really felt that producers wasn’t really able to portray an accurate image of bloggers.

    To the “innocent” viewer, blogging will come across as simply an online journal. I think that tv segments should be produced that will feature less of the ramblings and rantings of bloggers and more of the advocacies and social contributions of bloggers.

    My non-blogging friends currently view bloggers (including me) as people who either rant in cyberspace or those who just want to make money online.

    Attending the iBlog4 summit (sorry, I wasn’t able to approach you Noemi and introduce myself), I learned that there is more to blogging than just sharing your thoughts on the internet. I was specially struck by the Davao / Mindanao blogging experience which was shared by Ms. Ria. That segment made me realize that blogging, can likewise reach out and make concrete contributions to real life society.

    Fitz’s last blog post..What Everybody Ought To Know About Money

  4. @Bombero King- How awful . I hope to read your revived blog one day. Sometimes others look at the issues written by the blogger as a personal attack.

    @fitz- Yes that’s why I was disappointed that my grief advocacy which is an offline advocacy wasn’t mentioned at all. They did mention that I helped other parents. It was also one reason I displayed other blogs (including yours) to show our local blogosphere that blogs are not mainly for ranting…

    Too bad we didn’t meet. I went late to the party.

  5. alam ko po kung gaano kahirap mawalan ng anak dahil naranasan ko rin po iyan 7yrs ago.hanggan ngayon hirap parin po ako at pumapasok parin sa isip ko ang anak ko lalo na ang itsura niya sa hospital.ayokong makakita ng mga baby sa TV na nasa ospital at may sakit,sumasama po ang loob ko.ayaw kong pinag uusapan ang pagkamatay niya kc hindi ko alam kung sino at bakit ganun ang nangyari.iniisip ko na lang na talagang hindi siya para sakin kaso pag pumapasok sa isip ko talaga sumasakit ang dibdib ko.lahat ng picture niya tinago ko kasi nami miss ko siya kahit 10 month lang siya nung baby bago kinuha.

  6. Your website is truly an inspiration to me…even at my young age i’m really inspired now that i’m having a hard time with my mom because i don’t understand her…and now i realize she is right….thank you

  7. Hi Miss Noemi, ohh I share your sentiment — on having the interview clip edited to fit the flow that they wanted to achieve. The part about me sounded like I earn $500-600 a month (but in the actual interview, I said that it was the biggest i’ve ever received, NOT that I earn that amount every month). A lot of my family and friends texted and commented on that. I had to tell everyone that it’s not accurate, of course. I only have 2 blogs. Irregularly updated ones, at that. It’s just not that possible. 🙂

    But you’re right, overall, it showed a lot of aspects about blogging that not many people are aware of. I’m sorry about the reenactment, I thought it was off too, and inaccurate. But I love the shot in the cemetery. It was sensationalized, yes, but I thought it was nice that we, your readers, get to see you “with Luijoe” for the first time. I really felt that he was there. 🙂 God bless po.

    Riz’s last blog post..I Heart Brooke Even More Now

  8. @guardian angel- yes I am aware that they need to “sensationalize” a bit. That’s why I agreed to blog in the cemetery but they also need to be sensitive too on our feelings.

    @alma mae- masakit talaga pero makatulong magkwento sa ibang tao nakaintindi gaya ng mga magulang na nawalan din ng anak.

    @albien- I am glad I have touched you somehow.

    @riz- yes it was edited to what they wanted it to be. There was an initial slant already to their blogging episode. I had no problem with the cemetery scene because it was conducive at that time.

    @dyanie- thank you for watching

  9. Maybe the seemingly “false” interpretation made by the TV show has something to do with the blog’s URL and title?

    “About my recovery”… If I’m someone who doesn’t have a clue who Noemi is, it’s possible that I may think that this blog is all about her recovery process so to speak.

    But I do know Noemi!! And this blog (together with the rest of her blogs) are really more than just ‘a mother’s recovery notes’. All great blogs out there constantly evolve from time to time.

    More power and God bless on the “blogging for advocacy” thing Noems. Keep up the good work.

  10. @marcvill- yes but if their writers read at least the About Me, they would have known what “recovery” meant. It involved family life, marraige, my health and my grief journey among others.

    thanks for your uplifting comments, marc

  11. I literally just watched your segment on PinoyTV’s “Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho” a few minutes ago and I’m glad that my laptop was right in front of me so I could easily Google your web site. From reading this entry, it seems that the show really did dramatize your story and they shouldn’t have done that reenactment without your consent. Hopefully some watchers of the segment will do what I’ve done and search for your blog for the truth!

  12. @paula- oh it was shown there? US or Middle Least? Thanks for dropping by. Yes, I made this entry to clarify the story they showed in Jessica Soho. I do appreciate Jessica Soho’s show because I have gained new readers, and visitors who got touched by my story and advocacy.

  13. I was glad you recognized me at the iBlog4. I was too shy to approach you.

    Anyway, with regards to the Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho segment, I remember the time when you turned down someone who would want to take Luijoe’s story because of the need for a reenactment. Although the reenactment on Jessica Soho was brief I understand how you feel seeing that footage. In fact, I’ve read Lauren’s tweet about it. I think they (the show staff including the producers) really want to put much more melodramatic touch on the story to gain more viewers. It’s really sad how they make it look like you’re only blogging about your son which isn’t true.

    I will be looking forward for the Proudly Filipina segment about you. Nice meeting you!

    Jeric’s last blog post..Introducing and the classiest restos in the Metro

  14. @jeric- I recognized you that’s why I said Hi….teehee

    Aw you must have been reading my blog for quite some time that you remember that incident.

    If it’s not any trouble, hope you can help me tape Proudly Filipina. Pinoy Biscuits will but he is not sure if his QTV reception is clear. Thanks anyway.

  15. “Permission is needed because I have to respect other family members who don’t want this traumatic scene replayed on TV.

    Besides, I think this scene was unnecessary. I assume viewers of the show are intelligent enough to know how painful a death of a child is. Hello, do they assume their viewers are dumb and can’t understand what “drowning” means”

    I agree. I do hope they gave the viewers some credit and just let it go at that.

    GreyMom’s last blog post..The Continuing Saga of the Insensitive Friend

  16. Hello Neomi! When I saw you on Jessica Soho, I excitedly pointed out to my wife that you were in Ann and KD’s EB. I also said your blog was “About my Recovery”. And then they showed “Touched by an Angel”. Akala ko tuloy nagkamali ako.

    Based on your comments above, it’s strange isn’t it how they can twist a story to suit their taste? Anyway, it was a nice segment na rin. My wife got intrigued at how the pink girl can earn so much from her blog too.

    watson’s last blog post..In memoriam: Canon Powershot S2iS

  17. Hi Noemi. I wasn’t able to watch the TV segment but glad you shared the video clip here. I agree that the people behind the TV segment should have asked for your permission before adding that scene.

    I remember being deeply touched by your story the very first time I visited your blog. I’m glad that you continue to inspire more and more people. God bless.

    Rach (Heart of Rachel)’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday #20

  18. @GreyMom- That’s drama for you.

    @lemon- you can view the youtube video

    @jeric- that would be a great favor

    @watson – Rhiz (the pink girl) also got misquoted.

    @little light- they just want to show their slant so na-cut yung first part.

    @Ambo- thanks for the kind words. I hope to meet you at the Losers party.

    @obnoxious queer- Well aren’t we glad I have a video

    @rach- my boy lives in me…

  19. hi maam i really really blessed when i saw your blog it made me to be a strong person…i added you as my friends on facebook thanks for sharing ure experience to us….your one of the most strong mother ive known….thank u

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