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To my visitors who watched the blogging episode of Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho, welcome to my blog. I already wrote about the taping of this episode…but I want to clarify portions of the show.

1. I did not give permission to show a reenactment of the swimming pool scene.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy watching Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho. However, I didn’t know they will re-enact the swimming pool scene. Though brief, it shocked me a bit. The little boy in the video reminded me of Luijoe somehow. In the past,a TV show wanted to feature my story but they wanted an reenactment. I refused. I texted the segment producer that I should have agreed to an reenactment. According to the producer, he informed me of the video sequence. Whatever. Permission is needed because I have to respect other family members who don’t want this traumatic scene replayed on TV.

Besides, I think this scene was unnecessary. I assume viewers of the show are intelligent enough to know how painful a death of a child is. Hello, do they assume their viewers are dumb and can’t understand what “drowning” means?

I will just let this slide but it teaches me a lesson next time, to ask how the segment will be produced (if ever there are future episodes).

The fact that I agreed to blogging in a cemetery is enough cooperation on my part.

2. Blogging as a Therapy as my reason for blogging

I went into blogging NOT for my sake but to spread the word about my advocacy, the grief support group called The Compassionate Friends. I clearly remember the producer asking me this question on why I went into blogging. I said I went into blogging to spread my advocacy . Secondly, I discovered the therapeutic benefits of blogging as I went along. That interview portion was conveniently cut. I am disappointed that my advocacy part on the The Compassionate Friends was not mentioned even in passing. The slant portrayed was the reverse.

What is wrong with blogging for advocacy? I believe media should show that blogging is a credible medium for promoting an advocacy or social change.

3. I don’t just blog on my grief

Oh… the video just had to make it even more dramatic that I often write about my son. I wrote only one entry addressed to my son, Justice, My son which you heard me recite on the video. Grief-related topics deal mostly with the recovery aspect. Jessica Soho’s researchers should browse through the archives to see that I also blog on other topics such as blogging, motherhood, Marraige, Love and Health.

Despite these three annoyances, their blogging segment is more comprehensive and balanced than Studio 23 Yspeak’s episode and the “Beware of the Blog” of Korina Sanchez. Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho showed diversity in blogging such as entertainment, history, religion, fashion. Screen caps of blogs shown were that of Alleba Politics, Celebrity blogs of Lea Salonga, KC Concepion, Jim Paredes, Francis Magalona…

And Rhiz of pinkseo.info and Brian Gorrell were also featured.

In fairness to the show, some of their viewers got touched with my part. I received heart-felt emails from the viewers thanking me for giving some inspiration.

(Thank you Pinoy Biscuits for the above videos.)

Hopefully the Proudly Filipina segment this coming Friday at 7PM (May 2) will be much better.

On the lighter side, here are the behind the scenes of the taping: