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Piolo Pascual and Marian Rivera with Bloggers

Photo courtesy of Ferdz Decena

Cathy once interviewed Piolo Pascual for a showbiz magazine and she swears that Piolo is just drop-dead gorgeous. Really? I am envious. guapo ba talaga? She said I had to see him in person to appreciate his beauty. Haha. When will that be unless I stalk him at his favorite gym!

I am the most un-showbiz person I know. I am not an avid fan of any celebrity but Cathy’s description of Piolo piqued my curiosity. I think the first time I saw Piolo Pascual was in Dekada 70 and I was more impressed with his acting skills than his looks. I finally had the opportunity to meet him and Marian Rivera as the latest endorser for Bluewater Day Spa.

Piolo is so charming, er gorgeous looking guy to put it mildly. A dating game was up and female members of the media participated. Someone conveniently persuaded me to join. “No way..and be caught on TV!” Maybe if this was a private party with no media coverage, I’d heartily agree.

piolo pascual

Marian Rivera dating game was up next and I volunteered Travel Photographer Blogger, Ferdz Decena who was game enough to compete with 3 other men.

marian rivera

And guess who won?

Ferdz Decena, of course!

ferdz decena

The prize is a private moment to interview Marian Rivera in a tent all by themselves! Ferdz never got to interview her because media ambushed Marian inside the tent. How unfair that Ferdz never really claimed his prize. Is this the case of traditional media overpowering new media publishers with utter disregard of the rules of the dating game? Wait for your turn. Or is it new media publishers not being assertive enough?

marian rivera

Oh well, at least we had loads of fun and a chance to have this photo op. Simple joys.


Speaking of Ferdz, I’d like to invite you to the first solo exhibit of Ferdz Decena called Living By Water Exhibit

30 thoughts on “Piolo Pascual and Marian Rivera with Bloggers”

  1. @rach- what a charming man who had to withstand crazy women like me to have a photo op.

    @dyanie- I know what you mean. eh , guapo talaga naman kasi

    @maki- jologs ba yan?

    @apple- talagang hunk. He exercises well.

    @Marc- haha- where are your photos with Piolo?

  2. yes, a gorgeous guy indeed! some years back, piolo’s charm didn’t have any effect on me. and then i saw him in a mall, and oh gosh, i lost all poise and found myself screaming. i still couldn’t believe i did that 😀 that’s how beautiful he is. i think i’ll be rushed to the hospital if and when i see brad pitt.

    lady cess’s last blog post..Goodbye Spidey

  3. It was a fun event seeing these two station icons come together. Na starstruck nga ata ako kasi I was almost speechless I was up there with Marian haha. Didn’t expect it. She looked more beautiful in person. Ganda ng mga mata. Nag sink in lang nung pauwi na ko. Should have invited her to my exhibit hehe

    Thank you for the memorable photos 😀

    Ferdz’s last blog post..Living by Water Exhibit

  4. Noemi, we should have brought microphones and a huge videocam, too. Sindakin, sindakin. But we were all geared last night twas impressive! ( lahat naka DSLR! naks! 🙂 )

    Who wouldn’t want dreamy Pioloooo!!! 🙂 He made me breathless for a few seconds. Someone even shouted on my back ” Fafa Fiolo! I want to kiss you!” heehee 🙂 ( and yes he heard her hahaha )

    Sophie’s last blog post..My Zoya Nail Polish Mini Loot

  5. @ferdz- I really think you were too star struck to insist your right to have that intimate interview. Oh well, I hope Marian Rivera gets to visit your exhibit.

    Paging Marian Rivera….visit Ferdz’ exhibit

    The Exhibit will be held on May 12-27, 2008 at Filipinas Heritage Library in Ayala Triangle, Makati City. More details inside.

    @sophie- I think we were too obvious that’s why someone suggested that I be one of the dating candidates. enjoy.

    LOL next time we should bring large video cameras (paging video bloggers) para sindak effect. that would be so awesome.

  6. how lucky u are to have a pic with piolo! ako pimila at nakipagsiksikan just to see him while promoting his movie last year sad lang kasi di ako nakalapit sa kanya

  7. he looks gorgeous in white shirt. i just found out he has a myspace account but he hasn’t logged in since last July of last year. i was going to add him to my daughter’s friend’s list at myspace. hope he reads your blog, Noemi.

    Belle’s last blog post..Ranch Get-Together

  8. Wow! Your experiences and comments about Piolo are the same all over the world. I have seen him 5 times already when he had a concert here in the US and 1 at Metrobar last year when I came for vacation and I still can’t get enough of him, knowing I even have a picture with him twice. Yes, I love you, Piolo! I can’t to see your commercial even if I am in the States.

  9. hi….piolo i like you kasi ang gwapo mo at ang ganda pa ng katawan your very hunk hindi pa kita nakita in person but i really sure my self your so gwapo more than in television i saw you but i hope maging kayo ni reca….

  10. They are both adorable and charming bagay na bagay sila.
    I like their pics together, sayang di ko napanood sa TV yung interview nila sa presscon ng new spa edorsement.

    I love piolo and I like Marian for him as a movie partner, sana more projects pa sila together even they are in rival networks.

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