The Cebu Rectal Surgery Scandal, Not a Laughing Matter

My daughter used to tell me that I am so boring. I don’t take risks. I am not adventurous. Have some fun, Mom. Loosen a bit. Enjoy Life. Laugh more. This conversation happened four years ago. I didn’t know any better then. Our children teach us so many valuable insights, right?

Right, this is life. This is not a funeral service. Have some fun in it. Participate. Experiment. Take a risk. Be spontaneous. I shouldn’t be too concerned about doing it right or doing the appropriate thing. I laugh a lot now. I love jokes. I laugh at the witty articles written by the Man blog. I snicker at my husband’s corny jokes.

But wait. There are boundaries to laughter and having fun.

There is one thing that I will never do and that is laughing at people’s failures or peculiarities. I don’t find toilet humor funny except “farting” jokes. haha. So when I viewed the video of the Cebu Doctors laughing over rectum operation, I felt anger and disappointment. Here are my fellow Cebuanos mocking their patient. I understand Cebuano dialect and I listened to the conversation taking place in the operating room.

Even if you don’t understand Cebuano, you can still comprehend the conversation. If you listen to the video, you can hear the uncontrollable , hilarious shrieks, the joke of shoving the canister back in, and the utter disregard of the man’s dignity.

This is not the kind of fun I want.

Excuse me doctors, nurses, kibitizers of the Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center, enlighten me. I want to know what is so funny that you had to jeer and cheer?

Here is a feature of that Cebu Rectal Surgery Scandal in Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho shown April 26, 2008 with an interview of the patient: