Merry Christmas to all. Happy Holidays to all my readers. Here are a few photos of Christmas Eve and Christmas day. Photos updated as they come. Before going to Midnight Mass- December 24 Setting the holiday and festive mood through traditional red-green-gold Christmas Decorations

Photo Hunt theme is Wide and my photo today is the wide backyard of my brother’s home in Missouri. When I left his home in mid-October, the weather was just cool and lovely. The Autumn colors were so pretty to look at too. It was my first Autumn experience. But look at it now, two Read More →

Hi everyone! This is Lauren ghost writi- I mean, guest blogging for my mom today. I wasn’t actually planning on attending the UP Lantern Parade yesterday but since I had activist things to attend to at Vinzon’s Hall, I figured I’d stick around and take a couple of photos. Plus, I’ve never been able to Read More →

Being in recovery is not about being right. It’s allowing myself to be who I am and accepting others as they are. I cannot help it if others perceive me in a positive light while others look at me as the complete opposite. One’s perception of me is based on another set of circumstances while Read More →