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Photo Credit to my daughter Lauren. Taken at Fisherman’s Wharf, October 2008 I find the photo of the cat, dog and white rat (tucked closely beside the dog’s belly) really cute and inspiring. All three of them sleeping in peace. It reminds me that maybe people of various race, religion and opinions can co-exist in Read More →

Most Filipinos are quite superstitious as the New Year approaches. One of the prevalent practice to ensure the New Year will be met with wonderful blessings is to de-clutter our home or clean up the mess. I think I have a more or less clutter-free home. Call me a

News Flash Media IN Focus hosted by Cheche Lazaro will discuss “Dela Paz and Blogging” on January 15, 2009, Thursday live at 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. at ANC Channel 27. T For our episode on January 15, 2009, Thursday, our topic is about “Dela Paz and Blogging.” This blog post will be updated regularly for Read More →

I blame Butch Dalisay for the La-Z-Boy which I gave as a Christmas gift to my husband. I showed Butch’ La-Z-Boy entry to my Butch and ever since, my hubby kept asking “so will you buy me a La-Z-Boy?”

Merry Christmas to all. Happy Holidays to all my readers. Here are a few photos of Christmas Eve and Christmas day. Photos updated as they come. Before going to Midnight Mass- December 24 Setting the holiday and festive mood through traditional red-green-gold Christmas Decorations

The season flows. Magic is in the air. Christmas memories for the children evokes the fragrant aroma of Gingerbread Men Cookies. I love the Christmas spirit but for some, the holidays can be difficult and lonely. My husband is not spared from Christmas blues. It is a struggle he faces every holiday because our Luijoe Read More →

Holiday parties are everywhere the past few days. I was supposed to attend a Blog and Soul party yesterday but I felt stressed out at the last minute. I just decided to stick it out with the the ManBlog party held at our home last night. More of Lauren’s friends, of course. Our home is Read More →

Photo Hunt theme is Wide and my photo today is the wide backyard of my brother’s home in Missouri. When I left his home in mid-October, the weather was just cool and lovely. The Autumn colors were so pretty to look at too. It was my first Autumn experience. But look at it now, two Read More →

Hi everyone! This is Lauren ghost writi- I mean, guest blogging for my mom today. I wasn’t actually planning on attending the UP Lantern Parade yesterday but since I had activist things to attend to at Vinzon’s Hall, I figured I’d stick around and take a couple of photos. Plus, I’ve never been able to Read More →

Happy Slip (Christine Gambito) is in town since December 9 and I only found out today. Yehey invited a few bloggers for dinner at Alchemy for a sneak peak of Department of Tourism (DOT) and MTV plans for 2009. The intimate dinner gave us lots of time to chit-chat in a very informal setting. I Read More →

Most of you have already seen the video above when an Iraqi journalist throws shoes at Bush in Baghdad and where President Bush shrugs it off: “So what if the guy threw his shoe at me?” Bush told a reporter in response to a question about the incident. “Let me talk about the guy throwing Read More →

Being in recovery is not about being right. It’s allowing myself to be who I am and accepting others as they are. I cannot help it if others perceive me in a positive light while others look at me as the complete opposite. One’s perception of me is based on another set of circumstances while Read More →

I once wrote about the Health Benefits of Cat Ownership but the thing is I don’t own a pet kitty. My two daughters each own a pet cat. Kylee is almost 10 years old on January 2009. Lady is 7 years old. That’s in cat years. I am often lonely at home when the kids Read More →

Not many Filipina women are aware that there is a law to protect them from physical or even verbal abuse from men, called the The Anti-Violence Against Women and their Children Act of 2004 (Republic Act No. 9262). Aside from physical abuse, the law also protects women from , psychological or emotional, sexual violence and Read More →

2008 Annual Worldwide Candle Lighting Services Communities across the globe will be joining in The Compassionate Friends 12th Annual Worldwide Candle Lighting on December 14, 2008. In the Philippines, it will be held in Quezon City. Where: 2nd level, University of the Philippines Institute for Small Scale Industries E. Virata Hall, UP Diliman Campus Diliman, Read More →

Even if I have lost a son, I still cannot imagine what it is like for Marky Cielo’s parents. I cannot imagine the horror of Lilian de Vera, the mom of Lea Alyanna, the 7 year old girl caught in a crossfire, found dead on dimly lit Sampaguita Street along with 10 other people, including Read More →

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