Peace, Love and Prosperity for 2009

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Photo Credit to my daughter Lauren.
Taken at Fisherman’s Wharf, October 2008

I find the photo of the cat, dog and white rat (tucked closely beside the dog’s belly) really cute and inspiring. All three of them sleeping in peace. It reminds me that maybe people of various race, religion and opinions can co-exist in harmony. The stereotype that of a cat-dog fight comes to mind. Wouldn’t it be great if we all can respect each other and try to live in peace? And that good things will be coming forth in 2009? I know peace, love and harmony may not be possible around the world but it starts with me.

I expect good things for myself and my loved ones despite the bleak forecast.

1. When I wonder what is coming, I tell myself the best is coming, the very best in life and love have to offer, the best God will send and claim it as mine.

2. I see the best in my mind and envision what it will look like and feel like.

3. After I have envisioned the good things, I let it go and come back to the present moment. I will not obsess. I become excited.

Today, as the year ends, I am full of gratitude for all that I received this year. Good and bad.

I will wait and expect good things for 2009.

To all my readers, I hope that when you think about the year ahead, you will focus on the good that is coming.

Happy New Year!

new year
Taken exactly January 1, 2009