My stage mother years is one of my most treasured moments with my little girls. Those were the days when the mother in me dreamt of their future. The stage mother years span from the time L was a precocious 4 year old painist till her early teens. From then on, my role was relegated to a part-time stage mother when they had random performances here and there. I call myself retired because I don’t fuss like a mother hen like in the good old days.

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My daughter used to tell me that I am so boring. I don’t take risks. I am not adventurous. Have some fun, Mom. Loosen a bit. Enjoy Life. Laugh more. This conversation happened four years ago. I didn’t know any better then. Our children teach us so many valuable insights, right?

Right, this is life. This is not a funeral service. Have some fun in it. Participate. Experiment. Take a risk. Be spontaneous. I shouldn’t be too concerned about doing it right or doing the appropriate thing. I laugh a lot now. I love jokes. I laugh at the witty articles written by the Man blog. I snicker at my husband’s corny jokes.

But wait. There are boundaries to laughter and having fun.

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Edit – April 26I am not happy that the segment producer did not ask permission for a reenactment of Luijoe’s death in a swimming pool. They even got a kid that had a similar face to Luijoe. Dramatic effect pa kasi…eh blogging in a cemetery was enough for me to satisfy their production values. Other than that, the episode was good.

Here I am in a cemetery, with a TV crew. A GMA 7 show wants to feature bloggers for this Saturday (Thanks to Brian Gorrell for the hype on blogs these days). Why should I do this? I asked the producer. It’s not normal routine to blog in a cemetery. Yeah sure, it’s better than a reenactment which is a definite no-no for me. Sure, I bring flowers, candles and my small chair but blogging? Never tried it but yes, I do bring my macbook everywhere with me. But the producer is persuasive, “Maybe you might consider blogging here”.

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It’s a glorious sunday morning. The empty nest will be back to a full house. M will soon fly in from a vacation in Singapore. Lauren is expected to be back from an overnight beach trip from Zambales. So it’s just me and my hubby. Butch and I enjoyed our quiet morning with a hearty breakfast just a few hours ago. For the first time, I ditched my usual caffeine fix from brewed coffee. I wanted something different.

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Philippine Blog Awards
The 2008 Philippine Blog Awards is now open for nominations. A few changes to this year’s awards. Three (3) awards divisions and a total of THIRTY-SIX (36) award categories will be open for nomination. This reflects the growing richness and diversity of the Philippine Blogging Community. This year’s organizing committee is composed of Juned Sonido, Jayvee Fernandez, Gail De La Cruz-Villanueva, Jun Asis and myself. The members of the committee change every year.

There are NO FEES for the nomination or if one is nominated. Nominate your blog or your favorite blogs or just visit the Philippine Blog Awards.

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Bloggers seem to be in the news lately such as the sensationalized Beware of the Blog story carried by Korina Sanchez. Let’s not get discouraged by that. Let’s empower ourselves and have fun at the same time. To all my readers, this is the perfect opportunity to meet up!

Take for instance the 4th Iblog Summit and the first blogger party for the summer.

The fourth iBlog Summit will be held on April 26, 2008 at the Malcolm Theater, College of Law, in UP Diliman, Quezon City . Register for iBlog4.

Here’s the info from for the first blogger party this summer –
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