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a mom blogger in social media

noemidado4My daughter studied the birth certificate from the National Statistics office. She laughed as she saw the occupation of her parents.

Father- Law student
Mother- Homemaker

She could not believe her father was just a law student. I glanced at my husband, “Wasn’t it just yesterday we were struggling newly weds?”. Looking up from her birth certificate, she asked “Mom if I was born this year, what occupation will you place?”

I replied ” blogger”.

My answer brought a smile to her lips. She nodded “I thought so too.”
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Biggest Blogger Event Ever: Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards

Irrespective of who wins, I believe the biggest winner tonight is the blogging culture in the Asia Pacific itself– Ming and Tim, Founders of

It’s 1:42 AM and I have just uploaded the photos of the biggest blogger event I have ever attended. I loved it. The event was well organized, food was great, and meeting bloggers from 3 other countries is something different from other blogger events attended so far. The Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards gathered over 400 bloggers from Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Australia. Around 31 Pinoy bloggers flew all the way to Singapore.

Photo via Ada Lajara. Glamorous Filipina bloggers gather at the Link Hotel before proceeding to the Pan Pacific Hotel for the Awards Ceremony

After 2 years of community building, presented the first ever Asia-Pacific Blog Awards at the Pan Pacific Hotel.

with Nuffnang co-founder Tim

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Blog Action Day 2009: My Stand on Climate Change

3992612044_5a154d68a2It is Blog Action Day today. Filipino bloggers will speak out and take a stand now on climate change.

Filipinos in Metro Manila witnessed the effects of climate change never seen before in my entire lifetime of 52 years. Sure, I have seen floods but not in such wide scale proportions. My family survived the Ondoy floods. I feel blessed and at the same time guilty that not much was lost. Material possessions can easily be bought but lives, precious lives have been lost in other families.

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Blog is Mightier than the Sword

I think it is because you live and you live well — this is why you can blog. Someday it will be said that blogging is merely the record of ‘lives well-lived. by Gang Badoy, One Blogging Nation

Hear ye, you should watch this entertaining video by Vince Golangco from which was part of the 3rd Philippine Blog Awards.

Philippine Blog Awards intro “Silent Film” Jose & Andres are Bloggers

It is my third year to attend the Philippine Blog Awards. It is only this year that I am not actively involved in the organizing committee except being a judge for the Personal and Family & Living category and Presentor for two categories. Last year, I was the President of the 2nd Philippine Blog Awards. Before that , I was in charge for food and venue. This year I took a break. I applaud the current officers of the Philippine Blog Awards for the theme of “One Blogging Nation”. I know how difficult it is to organize such a huge event and solicit sponsors. Trust me, it is not easy so please give them a big round of applause.
With Ferdz Decena as Presentors for the Winners of Family & Living, Advocacy, Travel, Food

This year’s blog awards is unique because it encompasses three regions of the Philippines thus making the theme “One Blogging Nation”. The keynote speaker, Gang Badoy says it all so let me share you her speech:
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Come Join and Play with Me at Sandbox

We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing. George Bernard Shaw

It’s a lazy sunday morning and as is my usual routine, I picked up the newspaper to go along with the steaming brewed coffee that my daughter bought from Guam. A paper ribbon with printed on it is wrapped elegantly around the newspaper. Cute. Inside the lifestyle Section E of the Sunday Inquirer, a two page spread of Sandbox teaser campaign is displayed (see photo above). Finally… SMART Communications launched their latest endeavor, the Sandbox. I have been playing with their Sandbox before this launch. Like a children’s sandbox in a playground, it is both a toy and a tool for creativity, personal expression and interaction.

You know how it is…when children create castles, roads and bridges in the sand and play with their toy cars, dolls and blocks, they meet and interact with other children in a sandbox. That’s what I did when I registered as momblogger (Add me!) and hooked up with my other blogger-friends. I place so much faith in Sandbox not because it serves as the ultimate application for SMART mobile phones, but because it is a social networking site made by Filipinos for Filipinos. Like the real sandbox, I can imagine millions of Filipinos can enjoy and express themselves within the boundaries of this virtual playground. Theoretically, Sandbox sounds great!

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iBlog5- 5th Philippine Blogging Summit

The bottom line is that blogging is like sex. You can’t fake it. You can’t fake passion. You can’t fake wanting to engage with the public. If you do, it will ultimately be an unsatisfying experience for both the blogger and their readers., Kevin Anderson

Behind me are Cebu Bloggers wearing T-shirts with “Blogger ko Bai”

As a newbie blogger in 2006, I dared volunteer for iBlog 2 as a moderator for speakers. I wanted to network with bloggers and also meet my idol bloggers. I am the type of person who is not easily star struck with celebrities or Hollywood stars. But that was the feeling I got when I met blogging idols like Abe “Yuga” Olandres and Manolo Quezon in the 2006 summit. The following year, I talked in iBlog 3 and my topic was “Personal Blogging Success”. *Gasps* I don’t want to minimize myself because success is very relative but there I was… The star-struck me in 2006 was now a speaker in 2007. The same thing happened in iBlog 4 in 2008.

This year…my role is a bit stress-free, well sort of . I was the The Time Keeper. You know the one that holds a piece of paper that notifies the speaker that they have 5 minutes or 2 minutes or Let’s wrap it up. I enjoyed it just as much as the previous iBlog summits. Every role or task counts to make the iBlog a success.

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Mom Bloggers at the Expo Mom 2009 on May 10, Rockwell Tent

Mommy bloggers, and Future Mommy Bloggers, come join our Mommy Bloggers Booth on May 10 from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM at the Expo Mom 2009, Rockwell Tent. Yeah, we can only be there on May 10 because we are attending the iblog5 on May 9. But don’t miss us there!

Your favorite mommy bloggers will be hanging out there and present a powerpoint slideshow of blogging 101 and other mom blogger sites to booth visitors.

If you are a mommy blogger, please post a description of your blog and the url on the comment section so we can include your url and screencap of your blog in the presentation.
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How I Survived The Amazing Race at Island Cove

Have you ever dreamt of being a winner, racing on to the finish line? One of my favorite shows is the Amazing Race. Whenever I see the contestants running from one stop to the next, I feel like I am hanging on the edge of my seat . A wave of adrenalin hits me as if I am right there with them. Even if I know I will never be qualified to join , my mind conjures up scenarios that I am actually rushing to the next stop. I want to be there. Yes, it is my dream to win in a race.

island cove
Though Amazing Race is a far-fetched dream, it does not stop me from taking up physical challenges. The Detour: The Island Cove Adventure sponsored by Yehey and Island Cove was a perfect opportunity. Can I really make it?

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Round Table Talk: Ethics and the Blogger Part 1

I can’t believe it. My blog is celebrating its 3rd anniversary on February 24. What can I say? Blogging brought me a new normal, many friends, reuniting with old friends and a new sense of adventure and more. I feel like I am on top of the world. Look at me, I am having the time of my life. Though my blogger’s journey has been mostly fun and adventure, I receive comments or blog entries that are in disagreement with my views or heavy criticisms on my actions. Oh geesh, the ad hominem attacks too. Now, I am not a perfect person and I also make mistakes but I learn from them.

When the Blog and Soul Movement gathered a few bloggers to attend a round table talk on Blog ethics and other matters, I made sure I would be there to share my experiences and provide inputs to the discussion. Topics were Blog events, Copyright, Code of Ethics. The idea of the round table talk is to gather a list of ideas from bloggers on bloggers’ ethics.

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Bloggers’ Rights

I told myself that I should take a break from blogging. Just when I thought the waters are calm, Mike Abundo reveals that a hearing on a proposal by the Philippines’ National Telecommunications Commission that will require licenses for online content developers will be held today. The public hearing is set at 2pm Thursay GMT+8 (meeting got cancelled) at the NTC Executive Conference Room, 3rd Floor, NTC Building, BIR Road, East Triangle, Diliman, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines.

The proposal is called the GUIDELINES ON THE PROVISION OF CONTENTS, INFORMATION, APPLICATIONS, AND ELECTRONIC GAMES. Content definition is not quite clear but I hope that can get threshed out. Is the memo applicable to commercial sites? And are personal sites exempted from this definition? Imagine paying 6,000 pesos annually for licenses when people create and post content online. Just the same, I asked my husband to read the memorandum so I don’t miss any fine print.

(edit -updated at 7:00 PM: My husband’s opinion below and read this Business Mirror article that explains the memorandum. Thanks Scrufus for the link. )

The definition of Content Developer is too vague and broad although it would appear to regulate content provided ““for compensation”. It could be dangerous as it could be used to stifle the blogosphere…

Bloggers should question this measure.

It’s not the money, although 6k is a lot. It’s using government policy to control and regulate content online. It’s a freedom of expression issue. It infringes on the constitutional right of free speech and expression.

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