One thing I love about my change planner are suggested actions. Last Monday, January 6 was Cuddle Up Day!

cuddle up day

Snuggle and cuddle. It’s high time to warm it up with someone special or well, something special (your stuffed toy, your pillow, your pet cat and dog, all up to you)

me and butch 1985

Cuddling is quite a normal activity for me so it is always a “cuddle up day” everyday. I think it is one trait that endeared me to my ex-boyfriend (ahem husband). He liked that I would nestle my head on his shoulder and wrap my arms around his waist . Cuddling as a form of communication helps couples have a more rich relationship. That is just how I am. I remember as a little child how I would sleep beside my parents and cuddle my daddy old boy. When my girls were younger, I enjoyed cuddling them as I lulled them to sleep. There are many ways I cuddle if my husband and children are not around. With two pet cats at home, I get the chance to cuddle them like babies.


Hugging and cuddling feels great. Who doesn’t like cuddling? Our brains reward us by releasing a calm-inducing hormone/neurotransmitter called oxytocin, also known as the “cuddle” hormone. There is a study that ‘Cuddle hormone’ oxytocin can stimulate brain activity in autistic children. Cuddling does have health benefits. That warm fuzzy feelings are nothing compared to the benefits we get from the release of oxytocin.

Even if you are single, hugging your friends will reap the same benefit as cuddling. A simple as a hug will also increase the oxytocin levels. Go get a pet too. Studies show that “snuggling doesn’t have to be with our fellow humans to increase oxytocin. Any positive touch will elicit a release of oxytocin.”

Have a feel-good day every day. Give someone a hug.