The presence of the Kamaganak Inc. in the Cory administration was a huge turn-off in the past and it is one of the other reason that I didn’t choose Noynoy as my presidential candidate. We all know that the Aquino-Cojuangco feudal clans (and their extended network of cronies) arguably make up the single biggest oligarchic bloc in Philippine society which is called the Kamaganak Inc..

Noynoy will soon be our new president. Vigilance is the key and we hope that the Kamaganak Inc will not be a strong force in the new administration. In the spirit of transparency and good governance, I think the Kamaganak Inc. Mapping Project is a wonderful initiative.

The the Kamaganak Inc. Mapping Project reveals some of these Kamaganak

Some of the factions within Kamaganak Inc are already scrambling for the spoils of Noynoy’s ““landslide” win in the polls, to name a few:

– The Aquino Siblings (Kris, Ballsy, etc.).
– The ““Hyatt 10″ – emo officials who resigned at the height of the Great ““Hello Garci Scandal” of 2005
– The cast and crew of Noynoy’s Hindi ka Nag-iisa campaign video (Ding Dong Dantes, Ogie Alcasid, Regine Velasquez, etc.)
– Peping Cojuangco – who is a power bloc in hig own individual right
– The ““New Media Bureau” of the campaign headed by Enteng Romano that delivered Noynoy his million-strong ““fan” base on among others.

You can also view the map here.