““Real justice will not come from a human court, only from God.” says Bishop Aniceto Arigo

My heart goes out to Lauro Vizconde. He broke down as the the Supreme Court decision was read. Why wouldn’t he feel devastated? He lost his family 19 years ago. Justice is all he wanted. As a mother of a young kids in 1991, I was so worried that a crazed killer might just be lurking around. My kids are adults now and they still remember the bloody murders.

But this is the Supreme Court giving the decision. Voting 7-4, the high court ordered Webb’s release due to inconsistencies in the testimony of star witness Jessica Alfaro and the failure of the prosecution to prove the guilt of the accused beyond reasonable doubt.

It does not help that Freddie Webb is spewing out insensitive remarks to Lauro Vizconde, ” Instead of being aggrieved, maybe he should be happy that an innocent person is coming out of jail”. It is a joyous occasion for Freddie Webb but why would I expect Lauro to be happy? He was seeking justice for the death of his family members. Think it is easy to accept the decision, if justice has not been served. Think if your family was wiped out. The traumatic and savage circumstances surrounding the murder creates these unbearable waves of emotion. Then Freddie is just feeling relief that his son has finally been released after 15 years. The Webbs are also victims of the justice system.

What is justice anyway? Justice is the firm and continuous desire to render to everyone that which is his due. The Webbs got their justice. Lauro Vizconde is still seeking it. There is no justice.

Justice over the deaths in the Vizconde family has not been realized yet. In time, God will reveal his plan. In HIS time. Maybe Lauro will not get the justice here on Earth. I have faith that justice will be served in HIS time. Faith is all Lauro needs right now even if justice seems bleak.

My friend, Cathy feels the same way I do, “Prayers now for tolerance, wisdom and kindness. Joy for Webb et al but also strength and kindness for Mang Lauro who was mired in grief for 19 years. The verdict is like a second death. But to be wrapped once more in vengeance would be like a second prison too. Divine justice, in His time.”

““The Supreme Court is not the last court. We have what we call divine justice because … our capability as human beings is limited.”

Indeed, the Supreme Court found Webb et al. ““legally innocent,” but they have no way of determining their ““moral guilt or innocence.” The Supreme Court is just human and can only establish legal guilt. Moral guilt is beyond its competence. It is only God who has a say on one’s moral guilt.

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