Australia bush fires: how you can help the victims

Even if we don’t live in Australia, giving money is probably the best thing you can do to help.

The casualties from massive bush fire in Australia is staggering. Let me start off with the appeal of my friend who is now based in Australia. David Ryan in his Facebook post narrates how “the entire country is burning. The closest fires are about 1-2 hours from us and our fire season would have just started. The fires have burnt over 1,000 homes just in my home state of New South Wales, people are dead and some are fighting to survive, half a billion animals burned alive including 8,000 koalas. We are in the middle of the worst bushfires in Australia’s history, and the largest peacetime evacuation the country has ever seen. It has burned over 5 million hectares- about the size of the country of Costa Rica.”

“Experts fear the devastating Australian wildfires have killed up to a BILLION animals.” Australia needs your help now.

There are two ways to help:

  1. Donation – If you want to know how to help, please check these links below provided by Ryan. Make sure your donations are getting where they need to go. Find out how to avoid bushfire charity scams: .



CFA (Vic):