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Cheap Travel Fares Online

cheap fares onlineWhat does being broke mean? Does it mean being down to the last million peso? or down to the last 100,000 pesos or the last 1,000 pesos? There was a time, we only had 1,000 pesos in our savings/checking account way below the minimum bank requirement. We even had a negative balance due to a service fee charge for dropping below the minimum. Our saving grace was Lauren who had savings which we borrowed to keep us afloat. In the strictest sense of the word, our financial situation was not entirely hopeless. We were not bankrupt but we were not liquid either. Though we had other assets, it took time to convert them to cash. Though in the red, we didn’t incur credit card debts, renege on our mortagage or borrowed from the bank. These financial challenges a few years ago inspired me to be more responsive to income opportunities. I grew up in financially secure family because my father was hardworking with an astute sense of financial responsibility. We were blessed with a family bakery business and a father who invested his earnings wisely . Despite his illness,and unable to work since his stroke at the age of 55 years old, dad had enough money to last him till his death at age 71.

Not that my husband and I were financially incompetent. With a thriving law office , the financial future looked great. Butch brought in most of the income while I stayed at home and puttered on my hobbies. I felt like a queen being pampered by my King. In the past, I often turned down a lot of projects or refused commissions because I wanted the other party to benefit more than I did. I felt guilty over my earnings. Then the financial crisis hit us like a rock. Stress and hopelessness in our life drove us to be a bit more complacent. We lost focus on our financial affairs. Too bad my king faltered. I had to wake up from my queenly slumber and grab opportunities as they came before we went totally bankrupt.

The past certainly brought me lessons:

  • It was okay to profit.
  • It was alright to make an honest living.
  • It was good to save up enough for a rainy day.
  • I need not feel guilty if I earn.
  • It’s great to offer quality services at affordable prices.
  • It is wise to diversify sources of income.
  • Set Goals.
  • Do my best ,today, to take responsibility for my finances.
  • Believe you deserve the best, financially.
  • Believe God cares about your finances.
  • Let go of your fear and TRUST.
  • Let go of money and concentrate on Living.

So what does my entry “[tag]Cheap Travel Fares Online[/tag]” have to do with all these? I sound like one of those crazy spam words.

A few weeks ago, Lorna, my generous sister ( how I love my siblings) offered a travel booking engine for me to place on my high traffic sites. Her words ” Possibly the cheapest internet airfares to the Philippines and Beyond Asia!” She persuaded me that her “consolidator (a.k.a. wholesaler) provides me with an incredible support system. I consider their company as the best in the planet! (I’m biased, of course).” What was there to lose? All I needed was to paste the code in a static page and link it to my Photo Gallery where most of our travel photos are posted .

I added the code and began optimizing the site in preparation for the launch. I wasn’t ready to promote it yet since the web design is still being finalized. I was surprised to get my first booking a few days ago. Wow, so people do shop for travel fares online and compare rates. One receives an eticket and brings it together with a valid ID to the airport. I am quite impressed. The only eticket I’ve ever used are local flights within the USA and Philippines .

So yeah, presenting a preview of my Booking Engine Site

Borrowing the words of my sister,

Being a believer in “Truth in Advertising,” compare my [tag]travel fares[/tag]. Check these websites and compare the travel fares.

  • Travelocity-
  • Cheap Tickets-

My sister and I did travel rates comparison and found out that we are both offering Cheap Plane tickets online. What a great service, I thought.

And so diversifying my online business is just one of my goals towards financial independence. Another online deal is in the pipeline. A brick and mortar business is in its planning stage with the help of my dear husband.

Taking responsibility for our financial affairs does not mean making money our focus. Taking responsibility for our finances enables us take our focus off money. It frees us to do work and live the life we want.

7 thoughts on “Cheap Travel Fares Online”

  1. Hi Ms. Noemi! I’m a silent reader of your blog and have been enjoying your posts a lot. This post on cheap airfares caught my eye because it’s linked to staying financially stable. My husband and I started an online business last year and we are still in the process of finding ways to increase traffic to our site and also earn some extra by running ads in our site. This cheap airfare link will help us a lot (since our clients are mostly from Asia and are avid travelers). Can you please assist me in obtaining a similar link in our website? Thanks so much!

  2. Hi ~ Just letting you know that we tried to book a flight with your search engine and using major city airports, your search could not locate any flights. We are talking about Ft Lauderdale , Florida to Manila! Just wanted to let you know so that you don’t lose business by ‘not being aware’ of the problem. Good luck.

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