The FOOT FOR THE GODS caught our attention or was it the 50% OFF special treat.
foot for the godsThe foot and back massage cost only 250 pesos ($4.80) and foot reflexology and foot spa for only 190 pesos ($3.70). WHY NOT? screams my daughter. I then called Lauren and Pat to join her sister. Merrily, they scampered inside the darkened room with soothing aroma in the air. That left me alone so I decided to explore the rest of the mall.

It’s a blessing for senior citizens or the elderly to stroll in the [tag[SM Mall of Asia[/tag]. They provide a cart for their use. Uhh, I wonder if overweight persons are also included here because she didn’t look elderly to me.
sm mall of asiasm mall of asia

Even kids won’t whine from the long walk. They have fun cars to take them around. How adorable these children are. They seem to be having fun.
sm mall of asiasm mall of asia

One of its unique features is a 20-seater tram to make it easier for shoppers to go around.
sm mall of asia

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The mall attracts all sorts of shoppers that delight in just watching the fountains, the globe, the band or throwing coins at the fountain.
sm mall of asiamall
sm mall of asiasm mall of asia

After an hour’s stroll, I met up with my daughter at FULLY BOOKED who shows me a book on cats. They only had one book on cats but dog books lined up the shelves. Unfair.
sm mall of asiasm mall of asia

Tired feet and an empty wallet later, we headed for home promising to come back because some stores were offering discounts . Take advantage of opening sales.

Malca Villanueva, Marketing Manager at Mall of Asia says

Malca urges everyone to tour the Mall of Asia extensively, and to give themselves about 1.5-2 days to explore every shop and corner of the 381,075 square meters space. “It’s okay to get lost. There are plenty of signs and you can always ask for maps at the concierge desk (located in the Main Mall and the Entertainment Mall).”

But like I mentioned earlier, their maps are useless. Needs Improvement.

SM IMAX schedule
Get this theater’s movie sched via SMS, send CTC MOV SMIMAX
To: 2333 (Globe) | 2250 (Smart) | 2355 (Sun)

or click here to get the current movie schedule at the IMAX theater.

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SM Mall of Asia Photos
View Christmas in SM Mall of AsiaView the SM Mall of Asia photo gallery in full sized images. (taken May 24, 2006 using a NOKIA N70 cellphone so pardon the 2 megapixel image quality)
View the photos of SM Mall of Asia (taken June 7, 2006 using Canon Powershot A350) and more SM Mall of Asia Photos
Food stalls in SM Mall of Asia (taken June 7, 2006 using Canon Powershot A350)
Manila Bay Sunset as seen from SM Mall of Asia
The Manila Bay in SM Mall of Asia

SM Mall of Asia Address

SM Mall of Asia
Central Business Park
Bay Blvd., Bay City
Pasay City

Phone: 556-0104 to 06

Directions to go to [tag]SM Mall of Asia[/tag]

If coming from Quezon City (going south), drive or take a ride towards the end of Epifanio del Los Santos Avenue or EDSA crossing Taft Avenue then Roxas Boulevard. After crossing Roxas Boulevard, the road is now called Macapagal Blvd. You won’t miss it because you will see the globe at the end of the boulevard.

sm mall of asia globe

To contact SM Mall of Asia

Go to their SM Prime Holdings website and Click here to contact them for leasing or other concerns or Phone: 556-0104 to 06

P.S. I am not connected with the SM Mall of Asia so please don’t email me for information.


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