Holiday Rush in Divisoria

christmas shoppingChristmas shopping is never complete without a visit to Divisoria to buy wholesale prices on Christmas wrappers, ribbons, and christmas decors. The sights and sounds are quite an experience. I also love the bargains on gift items especially bought on wholessale prices. This time around, my husband wasn’t too comfortable with me shopping alone after that earring robbery in Divisoria. I still went anyway. I left Lauren at 168 Mall to choose some trendy tops because bringing her along with me will just add to the maddening crowd.

Draping a messenger bag on my body, cellphone in my pants’ pocket, and a camera positioned on my cheek, I traversed the streets of Divisoria.

The camera looked silly beside my face and there was the threat of it getting grabbed by lurking robbers.

Wading my way from Sta. Elena St. to Tabora St. seemed like Hell Road. The piercing heat and the stench of rotten food along the way caused my head to throb. But I finally got to ribbons supplier. The array of pretty, colorful ribbons kept me busy for the next hour or so. I love bargains. All that effort was worth it.

Divisoria is a haven for wholesale shopping but it isn’t worth it if one is buying a few pieces of an item.

I am so behind in my Christmas shopping. Are you done?