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How to inspire your children to be more organized

I thought I’d never hear the day when my daughters would appreciate me for teaching them how to fix their things. Not that I am neat freak, I just want things in their proper places. When they were little girls, I required them to at least fix their beds just before leaving school. Oh they were obedient girls of course. I slacked down a bit as they went into college and lived in a dormitory.

A few years back, they got to see how their fellow dorm mates “organized their rooms” and that I shouldn’t feel bad if I think their rooms are “messy”.

They are adults now so I can’t really be bothered with their rooms. Whenever I drop by their room, I just stay by the door. I don’t step inside because I want to avoid lecturing them on neatness.

I don’t nag my family to the point that my neat freaky attitude drives them crazy. If they are messy with their things, that is their problem. If an item gets lost because they were not organized, it’s their loss. ““Don’t come crying to me that you lost a book , a CD or something”.

I believe that clutter around me creates more clutter in me so I don’t like that feeling.

It cannot be avoided that I’d see a mess or two. On one occasion, I just could not help noticing parcels of tokens or products on the floor in my daughter’s room.

Of course I wanted her to decide on ways to de-clutter her room and if I could help her. She thought she needed a new dresser and remove her writing table. Good idea. I told her: “let’s go to the furniture store and get you the dresser to organize all these beauty products, fashion accessories and other trinkets”.

She loved the idea but on shopping day, I was met with resistance due to previous work commitment. Minutes later, I was surprised that the shopping for a new dresser will push through.

It was a beautiful afternoon and that rare occasion when a daughter is with us on a Sunday. We strolled the furniture section of Market! Market! and spotted this white dresser that went well with the rest of her white-themed furniture inside the room. It was perfect!

Days after the white dresser was delivered to her room, my daughter’s room is now more organized with less clutter.

I praised her “see how nice your room looks now”. We both smiled.

Mission accomplished.

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