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Making a difference today: Support the E.studyante program

My children mean the world to me.  I gave up a career to take care of them, teach them to be good and kind to others, and supplement their education at home. I loved watching my girls sing, laugh, and play together and eventually turn out to be beautiful, smart and compassionate persons. I will always be a mother in every stage of my children’s life. There is a quote that says ““a man’s work is from sun to sun, but a mother’s work is never done.’ Their needs change in every stage but they will always be my children. Even if my two girls are adults now, I still worry about their future. Like all mothers, I want to ensure my kids’ future is secure. That is one reason I turned my parenting blog to include the community that my children and their friends are in.

my children

I cannot ignore the fact that today’s students are part of my children’s future community.  Our lives are intertwined with each other.  One’s help for others including other children will impact our family. Concerned citizens  who pitch in their expertise towards community activities also contribute greatly to their children’s future

Helping produce good students who grow up to be good citizens will do good for our country. Who knows, the students of today may be your child’s future teacher, doctor, leader, or even the future President! These students will serve as an integral part of your child’s future community.

Many groups are doing their part to help public school students including private corporations like Proctor and Gamble ( P&G). One of the programs that help students is the e.Studyante Program Just by continuing to use Safeguard and Downy products for my home, I   actually help support it.

doctor one day

I will take a step further. By buying one pack of specially marked P&G products ,  I give the gift of hope to those who need it this 2013.  By pledging to buy P&G products, you help send computers to public schools. One pack gives one child a brighter future. Imagine how your contribution can help these students. Computers in the classroom brings fun and excitement to learning, lessons are captivating and engaging, many abstract subjects become tangible for students . It can also cultivate mastery of lessons and shortened period of teaching. Public schools should have access to new technology.

laptop for the children

Spread the New Year cheer by inviting family and friends to make a pledge to support the e.Studyante program by buying specially marked P&G products and to provide your home the best and laptops to less fortunate students in need.  Pledge to help your children’s future teacher, or doctor, or leader. Visit

Make a difference today and you help make a difference in your child’s future.

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