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Relaxing at a Spa Movie Theatre

My ME time is always a relaxing day off from home and work. It’s the day I pamper myself and make myself feel good. Nurturing is about how we show love for ourselves. It can be a visit to the beauty salon, a foot spa, a home service massage or an indulgent visit to a spa treatment salon. I am not where I am today if I didn’t learn to nurture myself. I wouldn’t have a second wind in my marriage if I didn’t have a loving relationship with myself first.

When Francis, owner of BlueWater Day Spa and blogger himself told me about his latest venture, a spa movie theater, it perked my interest. Another day at the spa is always an excellent excuse for ME day. I can just imagine myself as I prop myself down on the full-body comfort of an inviting chaise seat, having a foot spa or back massage as I watch a movie. Just feel the sensuality of the moment. I imagine a light comedy as I bask in the massage and engage in a giggle here and there. Surely, it will raise my endorphins level.

spa movie theater

Even just the expectation of a mirthful laughter involved in watching your favorite funny movie has some very surprising and significant neuroendocrine/hormone effects. Earlier experiments showed that viewing a favorite funny video can offset symptoms of chronic stress, which can suppress various components of the immune responses, particularly those related to anti-viral and anti-tumor defenses.

That is how I expect my Spa Movie experience to be. A day of mirthful laughter. A time to bond and just let go the worries and stress. A day to just spoil myself. There’s nothing like family and friends who laugh and relax together even for just an hour or so.

Of course, all of these thoughts are just my imagination. Let’s see if the Bluwater Spa’s Spa theater will actually deliver.

Note: This is my entry to the BlueWater Spa’s Spa Movie theater contest. Deadline for submission is February 15.

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