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Bangon Pinoy

Bangon Pinoy: Our Home After Ondoy Flood Damage

“I don’t consider myself a survivor; that’s someone who has gone through something terrible.” Geraldine Ferraro

Of course, you know our home suffered the Ondoy Flood Damage. My husband is traumatized about it already that he obsesses on the weather report. Friends ask me how it has been. I feel guilty that we didn’t really suffer that much damage, I mean comparing our situation to the Ondoy victims in Marikina and the Pepeng victims of Northern Luzon. I have to give credit to my husband who took a week’s leave of absence to clean our house. All I did was call insurance companies, service centers, and internet providers. My husband had to live in our flood damaged home for a week while me and my two daughters had it good in my sister’s home in Quezon City.

A week after Ondoy, we finally returned to our Pasig home. Internet connection was back. As a fussy homemaker, let me share you some tips I learned from the damage.

BEFORE before the floodwaters reached waist deep. My husband and two househelp try to save as much as they can to the second floor

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