Aww… I wish I had small kids. I would be dressing them up for Halloween or just play dress-up.

H&M for children

I visited the preview of this year’s All for Children collection at H&M building. I expected to see the children’s line only but I was pleasantly surprised to see even men and women’s collection. I am such a fan of H&M because their size large fits me perfectly.

HM preview

Before heading off to the children’s collection, I wanted to try on their coats first. This one cost something like 6,000 pesos.




There are so many gorgeous dresses for me but unfortunately I could not buy any pieces in this showroom.

HM dresses 1

Finally it was time to check on the “All for Children” Line.  They offer an innovative way to play dress-up, with a fantasy world of pieces with a contemporary edge. This Ninja turtle will surely be a hit.

all for children from HM


The activewear-inspired collection is for children of all ages, and will be available from October 30th in selected H&M stores worldwide, as well as online.

all for children HM Philippines

Twenty-five percent of sales from the All for Children collection will support UNICEF in helping the most vulnerable children of our world to build a better future through education.

all for children 5

The collection offers an adventure into the forest, with pieces that use color, texture and prints to reflect woodland flora and fauna.

all for children 4

The results are perfect for autumn play, and include items such as a down vest with a reflective feather print, a glow-in-the-dark terry sweatshirt with bat wings, and a jacquard-knit poncho decorated to resemble a folkloric owl.


Functionality is equally important, so the collection contains pieces such as a coated cotton parka with a pile lining, thermal base-layer garments to help keep kids warm as the temperature drops, and a reversible blazer with a reflective insect print.

All for children 1


all for children 3

Accessories help create a complete fantasy world: gorilla gloves, beetle-shaped bags, a headlamp with fox’s eyes, and a faux-fur raccoon’s tail.

all for children 2


all for children 6

“We wanted to present a totally new way of dressing up – one with style as well as imagination. It’s great that such fun pieces will raise funds for such an important cause,” says Emilia Mravec, designer, New Development.

H&M for children UNICEFpartnership

H&M launched the All for Children initiative with UNICEF in 2009 with a $4.5-million donation to help children in some of the world’s poorest communities. Initially concentrating on southern India and Bangladesh, H&M’s support to UNICEF has so far positively impacted the lives of over one million children. This autumn’s All for Children collection is a chance for customers to make a personal contribution and help UNICEF give children a better start in life through early education and development.


It’s good to know that H&M is part of UNICEF efforts to make a difference in the lives of over one million children.