I admire my husband, the father of my three beautiful children.  He loved taking care of our babies whenever he had the time. See, he was a law student for our first two babies. We both shared equal time in taking care of  them.  I share these heartwarming stories to my children about their dad who was very much a part of their development. Wasn’t it just yesterday that he held them in their arms?

It warmed my heart seeing my husband prance around the house with our babies cradled in his arms, rocking them to sleep in a playful, rhythmic fashion, or burping them after milk feeding. I am proud to say that even as first-time dad, he knew how to amuse our babies and, even changing diapers. He could do almost anything moms can do except breastfeeding and taking them a bath. He would have wanted to breast-feed if he could. Daddies are luckier or should I say more blessed these days. The internet is bursting with so much tips on taking care of a child. Sites like Pampers cover every aspect of taking care of babies and stages of their development.  More and more daddies are involved with their children’s development because of the availability of information at the tips of their hands.

Daddies are never left behind when it comes to participation of fun activities. Pampers Philippines Facebook started a trivia month with exciting prizes such as special Daddy-baby prize (photo session) and special toys that strengthen the bond of daddy and baby. I am pretty sure, daddies can do some research at the Pampers website to get the clues for the trivia questions.

Playing trivia is a fun and educational way to know more about our babies, their development and  the importance of family bonding moments. This is not just  about daddies. Learning about child development is for our babies. These are many ways that daddies can become a part of baby’s life.  It was my husband’s idea to read to our babies even if they were just months old.   My children’s lifelong love for reading is because of their dad . His ideas on child development were based   on his childhood memories but new parenting ideas came in with the shift of shared parenting.  Dads learn the essentials of child development not for his stock knowledge but to nurture a healthy child.  It is one reason I ordered child development books abroad because we wanted to learn what was best for our family. Our child’s healthy development depends on our ability to provide a safe and loving environment.  The children with a sound family background and who belong to a family with strong family ties are almost always happier. The importance of family life cannot be denied.

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This is a sponsored post for Pampers Trivia but all opinions on this entry are entirely my own.

In the corner of my room, lies a chest full of photo albums. Feeling sentimental over the celebration of our 26th wedding anniversary on the first week of May, I decided to unearth the baby albums of my three children.

The years passed by so quickly but these photos brings back precious memories of those impish smiles, the snuggle hugs, the peek-a-boo moments and plane trips to Cebu to visit my dad. I cannot help but smile and tear at the same time as I catch a photo where I held their soft body close to my chest. The best part is when my babies want no one else to comfort them but their mommy. Oh yes, I had the best job of all because I am their mommy. And we all know how it feels to just want Mommy and no one else will do. Yes, that is me, their mommy.

A favorite place that offered a lot of fun and comfort was the park . They could frolic and run around without being afraid of getting hurt when they trip. Oh, how they twirled and romped around here, screaming at the top of their voices. The best part of being a mom is hearing ““I love you” which came along with a bunch of wild flowers from the park. These treasured memories are always in my heart..

The park is quite a distance from the house and I didn’t want these precious moments interrupted. I made sure I used the best protection from Pampers Active Baby. I only want to give my little ones the best comfort outside of their usual home routine so they can continue playing without interruption. I know they are happy because the greatest sounds on earth ring in the air. Those giggles captured by these photographs bring me down to memory lane. These memories also affirm my role as a mother . The best part of being a mom is that my children brought out the best in me just by learning about unconditional love from them. I learned love I never could have imagined, patience I didn’t know I had, and strength when I didn’t think I could take it any longer.

Through their growing years, I watched my children bloom and at times stumble. I held their hands and let go when the time was right. I helped them find their passions in life. Truly, I am blessed to give and receive love…just because I am their mommy.
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What a joy-filled place we have as mommies. Happy Mother’s day Everyone!