My daughter is 21 years old

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happy birthdayMy beautiful daughter is now 21 years old. A few weeks ago, she envisioned her 21st [tag]birthday[/tag] in our new home. It’s one of the many reasons I moved heaven and earth to finish the renovations at the soonest time possible. A 21st birthday celebration in our new home seemed the best [tag]birthday gift[/tag] for Lauren. Much as I love to prepare fancy dishes on special occasions like this, I opted to cook simple fare at Lauren’s request: pancit canton, lasagna and barbecue. And she added “and a birthday cake baked by you.”.


I know what she meant by birthday cake complete with icing and fancy decorations but I thought it’d be too cumbersome. I have yet to get used to my new kitchen. I settled for something less complicated: blueberry cheescake. Even if our home furnishings are still incomplete and boxes are still unpacked, Lauren still wanted a small lunch party with family and close relatives.

And we managed to pull it off.

Inspite of the piercing hot weather, Lauren and her cousins managed to cool themselves off in her room, totally enjoying themselves by strumming the guitar, cracking funny jokes and just bantering here and there.

And so my little girl is now totally a woman. Being Twenty one years old means she can get married without parental advice. (Philippine Law requires parental advice for those below 21 years old). Boohoo. I know she will still let us know if she wants to get married. We don’t restrict her on the choice of a lifetime partner. We’ve been through that discussion many years ago. I trust Lauren knows what is best for her. She knows that her parents are an example that love conquers all. I know she won’t be staying with us forever. Who knows she might want to live independently from us?

While she is still living with us, I will continue to savor our mother-daughter friendship, enjoy our belly dancing lessons and gym time , chat or gossip about our loves, shopping and treasure each loving moment.

To my lovely daughter Lauren….I want you to know that I’ll always cherish the wonder and joy of watching you grow into a beautiful young lady. I’ll always be proud to announce to the world “This is my lovely daughter”. And most of all, I’m proud to say that you are my best friend.

Thank you for blessing my life in so many ways.

Noemi Lardizabal-Dado (1385 Posts)

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  • KK

    Happy Birthday to your lovely daughter. Your post about her is so sweet and inspiring. Many many returns of the day.

  • Happy birthday to Lauren! Let us hope and pray that her zest for her music and zest for life will continue to burn. The world is out there for her to conquer. Congrats, Noemi for raising your daughters well.

  • Belated happy birthday to your daughter. And the blueberry cheesecake looks so delicious. 🙂

  • you’re so sweet. Lauren, you heard your mom. But be careful of choosing the right man. You’re indeed on another stage of the journey. So may God always bless you. Happy Birthday.

  • Belated Happy Birthday to your lovely daughter Lauren. Wow, blueberry cheesecake, my favorite. 🙂 It must be nice having a daughter and a friend at the same time. Belly dancing together? Now, that’s really cool. You must really be very close to one another.

    May your new home be filled with happiness.

    Take care!

  • happy 21st birthday to your daughter.

    btw, you look too good to have a 21 yr old daughter..:).

  • @KK- thanks 🙂

    @julie- quite a challenge to raise daughters when one is faced with a family trauma

    @mr nice ash- am sure she will be on her toes

    @lyn- Lauren wanted it sweeter

    @rach- i have a classmate in belly dancing who also brought her daughter. We have been close since she was a baby but there was a time we had differences. It was during her teen years

    dexie- Thanks. Some think we’re even sisters because of the way we talk

  • Noems, you’re now Mom to a young woman. Parang kailan lang — you and Butch were a-courtin’. So where did the time fly?

    You have a lovely family! Congrats.

    And you can bake a mean blueberry cheesecake. (tsalap)

  • Belated happy birthday to Lauren! So when do we get to taste that cheesecake?

  • @annamnaila- time flies di ba? I can’t believe she is so grown. I brought Lauren once to UPISSI . She was 6 months old then.

    @Cathy- perhaps one day during one of our meets.

  • I remember you being tessie, but I don’t recall you bringing your baby to the office.

    *tessie – tess-bun see?

  • My favorite cake 🙂 you really are a home maker.


  • rick- well I try to be a homemaker but I got lazy when the kids grew up

  • Happy birthday, Lauren. Have fun and be happy always. 🙂

  • belated happy birthday Lauren!!! you sure make a lot of “lambing” to your mom, and the good thing is, she relents to your wishes. treasure each moment with mom, treasure each moment with family 🙂

  • Curly

    Happy Birthday 🙂

  • Curly


    It’s 24 or 26. Trust me.

  • Oh, my… I am so touched by this post. Now I want to rush to Manila to be with my daughter. 🙁

  • @rhodora- aww text her too.