21st wedding anniversary

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married for 21 yearsTwenty one years ago, I married my boyfriend of 7 years. We’ve had 21 years of [tag]marriage[/tag] and 28 years as a couple. Inspite of the catfights, diverse personalities and the death of our precious son, we are still together. How did we do it? I don’t know. It must be the hopeless romantics in us that keeps us together. I credit my husband for never giving up on me during those times I gave up on him. We celebrated our [tag]wedding anniversary[/tag] with a simple dinner at Via Mare with our 2 daughters. Before dinner we attended the book launch of “Journey beyond the Great Wall” at the National Bookstore , Shangrila Plaza Mall.

oystersFor appetizers, Butch ordered oysters. I whispered “aphrodisiacs” .

But I can’t eat them“.

Too bad, Butch suffers high uric acid. I ended up eating 5 oysters.

girlsThe girls seemed happy to see us in our loving and romantic mode. Butch can be passionate and demonstrative in front of the children that I have to nudge him, “ahem. the children!“. Actually , it’s better that they see us love each other rather than fight. If it were not for the children, I would have given up on our marriage a long time ago. One of my mistakes was to concentrate too much on motherhood. I know better now and the girls understand that we need our couple time away from home.

Our wedding vows are “till death do us part”. However, my husband and I often say that we will love each other till eternal life. That’s only because we have a son in heaven who gives us hope for eternal life. For now, we practice frequent recommitment and celebration. We look forward to more years of togetherness.

Twenty one years ago…..