A memorial site for deceased MySpace users

MyDeathSpace.com memorializes deceased MySpace.com users and picks up where
a regular obituary leaves off. I don’t know how their deaths can be verified. When you click their myspace profiles, one can see that someone logged in recently. Maybe their ghost updated their profile? Or perhaps, family members were able to get their password. My friend’s 20 year old son died recently and she was able to acquire his [tag]myspace[/tag] login information through the help of friends. She plans to create a memorial website for him.

Looking at the cause of death of these young kids, all of it are Sudden, Accidental or Traumatic Deaths. How sad ! Automobile Accident ranks as the number one cause of death. Others like Auto-Pedestrian Accident, being shot, suicide, drug overdose, alcohol poisoning or alcohol-related, drunk driving are just a few common ones then followed by unusual causes like:

  • Suffocated on Tongue after Piercing – Death #. 49
  • The Choking Game– Suicide # 4
  • Water Intoxication – Murderer #1
  • Rough Sex– Death #6
  • Child Endangerment (Allowing toddler she was babysitting to get hit by a train)- Murderer # 3
  • One user (Suicide #2) even posted a message just before he died of suicide. He left a message saying “call the police” and “I’m so sorry.” He even sent a text message to his cellphone.

    These sudden deaths are never easy on the ones left behind. A sudden, accidental, unexpected or traumatic death shatters the world as we know it. This kind of loss does not make sense. The sudden death leaves families feeling shaken, unsure and vulnerable. Trying to make sense of or understand sudden losses can be difficult. Survivors are left asking “Why?” “Why did this happen?”

    It is human nature to seek the answers to the question “Why?” yet it may seem impossible to find an answer. Instead the question “Why?” is more of a plea for meaning and understanding.