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College kids

To oversleep on a Sunday morning is heavenly . No carpool. No phone calls. Kids are asleep. No office. So , hubby might oversleep too. But no. Butch is up and about tapping at the keyboard of the computer . Another pleading? A memo? An urgent email?


I have to finish this paper. I have an assignment

Glancing at the monitor, I notice the English translation of Karl Marx socio-political theories originally written in Pilipino. Haha, I poked his back.

Earlier in the week, I overheard my daughter talking to her dad over the phone about needing help in a Pilipino article. (She stays at the dorm during weekdays .) Wow for the love of our daughter. I thought.

Can you imagine reading Karl Marx in Pilipino? Karl Marx as a topic is difficult for a politically-challenged person like myself. I felt sorry for my daughter.

My husband looks up with a chuckle.

Prof. Ronas, M’s professor used to be my Political Science teacher.

Really? He is still teaching? To think that was over 30 years ago. What a dedicated professor!

Was it that long ago we were once college students? I can’t believe these girls are in college. I feel old.

Sssh. I’m concentrating

Leaving my husband in peace, I move over to my daughter’s room to check my email.

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