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Family Blog Award and The Philippine Blog Awards Night

meandmyawards.jpgMy feet are killing me! For 2 hours, I walked the Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium lobby to cajole guests to eat cocktails and be merry. Well, what a day! I got a surprise! I received a special award from Globe Broadband : the Family Blog Award which is meant to honor family-oriented blogging. It’s indeed an honor to receive the Family Blog Award as it helps promote my blog’s advocacy. Of course, I never imagined myself to be a recipient of any award for tonight’s [tag]Philippine Blog Awards[/tag] since I chaired the Venue and Food Committee. I learned that Globe Broadband/Innove guys thought of this idea and selected their winners based on their own criteria. What an innovative way to promote brand name recall and recognition to a very special niche. It’s a good thing that my Globelines Broadband Internet is working well so far or else I would not have been happy to receive this award.

Other awards given out by Globe Broadband were

1. Blog Achievement Award” The Mommy Journals
2. Pinoy Ako Blog Award: ederic@cyberspace
3. Blogirl Award: Well Whatever
4. Deliblog Award: Dessert Comes First

The best thing about receiving the Family Blog award is that my whole family attended the Awards Night with me. They enjoyed the food (thanks Josiah’s Catering), the bloggers and just being there with me. All my family members maintain a blog except that Butch and M chose to keep a private url. So it was quite an exciting adventure for them to see/meet the person behind the blog that they have been reading for ages.

(Photo courtesy of Anton)

The night flew so fast…In just one hour and half, winners were announced.

The winners of the 16 categories are:

Best Personal Blog: Misteryosa
Best Home & Living Blog: Wifely Steps
Best Socio-Political Blog: Philippine Commentary
Best News & Media Blog: Inside PCIJ
Best Fashion & Lifestyle Blog: Bryanboy: Le Superstar Fabuleux
Podcast of the Year: HappySlip
Best Technology Blog: Leon Kilat: The Cybercafe Experiments
Best Business/Entrepreneur Blog: Reflections of a BizDrivenLife
Best Entertainment Blog: Retzwerx
Best Sports & Recreation Blog: Who rides a Vespa?
Best Travel Blog: Ivan About Town
PhotoBlog of the Year: Señor Enrique: Wish You Were Here

For the Special Awards winners, we have…

Best Blog Design: Far from Neutral Notions
Best Free Custom Theme: Blu3zin3
Best Plugin/Extension: iPap
Best OFW Blog: Kwentong Tambay
Bloggers’ Choice Awards: MarketManila

(Photo courtesy of Anton)

Spotted for the first time in Blog events were celebrity bloggers like
Bryanboy of . Photographers were all over him as he posed graciously with us. Bryanboy is such a fun person and so nice to his adoring yaya who waited on him.

Picture 2.png
That’s me handing out the trophy to Bryanboy for winning the Best Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

Anton of , Awesome Planet, Joel of MarketManila and Lori of Dessert Comes First

and who else

Connie of, the The Sassy Lawyer and of The Mommy Journals and my co-founder of Pinoy Moms Network

Tonight marked the day that blogging in the Philippines is brought to a new level. The winners showed to the world that we are serious about blogging, that “our growth is only matched by our desire to create a unique online identity; our maturity is moved by creativity and the drive to push meaningful content; our credibility is carried by our passion to be heard, to engage and to be counted.” I feel vindicated again with the pioneering efforts of the Philippine Blog Awards. I have mentioned before that I received so much flak and ridicule from in-laws and even from my own husband during those days (mid nineties) when I first worked on websites.

Congratulations to all the winners, the organizers, the judges, sponsors, and the hard-working volunteers.

There’s a post party event at the EDSA Shangrila but I am not young anymore to party all night. hehe

I’m sleepy. I will blog more later. Meantime, visit the Philippine Blog Awards website , Michael’s Philippine Blog Award Musings and view a few Photos of the 2007 Philippine Blog Awards and excellent photos from Chris Haravata and Karla Redor.

and some selected photos:

With Organizers, Abe and Gail
abe and gail

(Photos courtesy of

38 thoughts on “Family Blog Award and The Philippine Blog Awards Night”

  1. @Manila Mom- Yes Just keep on blogging

    @retz- congrats din.

    @eric- it was so nice to meet you last night. Keep blogging about your travel adventures

    @eric – Congratulations ERIC. I was so disappointed you weren’t there. But your blog truly deserved it.

    @marketman- It was so nice to meet you and your family. Congratulations once again.

    @bikoy-Thanks. Hope to see you in future blog events.

    @Cathy- thanks. too bad Eric wasn’t there.

    @ajay- Yup. Gulat nga ako. You have a winning streak in prizes. Galing mo din.

  2. MEGA CONGRATULATIONS, dear!!! I should have been there to meet you, but family beckons first – daughter Pauline was i a gymnastics/pep squad concert at the UP Theater, same time. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. Congrats, Noemi!

    This reminds me of: “They laughed when I sat down to build web sites, but when I started to blog…” 🙂

    It was good to see you. Sa uulitin!

  4. @mica- oh I hope you can watch it in some delayed webcast

    @sexy mom- family first of course. There will be other times

    @annamanila- thanks a lot.

    @sonnie- thanks too

    @Nostalgia Manila- thank you

    @ManuelV- we will meet again at iblog summit, perhaps?

    @Benj- muwahahah. I will let the organizers dance.

  5. Congratulations! Hopefully next year’s awards will be much bigger and better. I’m sure a lot of bloggers with events management and marketing backgrounds will be more than willing to help. 🙂

  6. Congratulations, Noems! I wish I could have been there for you, cheering you on! You really deserve this award… hey, look at me! I’m back to writing — and THE FILIPINO CALENDAR — which will be linked to my NaFFAA network soon. Simply because you inspired me to do what I do best. I need such reminders, you know.



  7. Many, many thanks, once again, Noemi for having nominated me for this prestigious award. You have no idea how much my having won it boosted my confidence in pursuing this Photo Blogging Project (that I am developing with Nikon Philippines).

    Also, I am reminded of what Sidney had told me once: the power of the blogging community behind a worthy cause can be awesome. And I’m ever cognizant of your being in the forefront of such efforts, Noemi. I also intend to someday make a valuable contribution toward the development of our blogging community!

    Thank you, once again … and congratulations, too!

  8. @Mae- thanks Mae. Just call me Noemi . hehe

    @Aileen- it’s so nice to see you so active in Blog events.

    @marie- thanks for watching. I didn’t expect an award because I was a volunteer for the event.

    @wauks- yes we will have more lead time. We learn all the time.

    @lorns- yes I see it such a waste if you don’t write. I struggle daily to write just so I can share information. Never mind if I don’t write as good as you do and other notable bloggers as well.

    @eric- It probably wasn’t only me who nominated you. I felt sad you weren’t there. I hope you get your trophy soon from the organizers. I hope to see that Photo Blogging Project soon.

    Somehow we all find our niche in pursuing our advocacy. I know you have your own private cause. Congrats too.

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