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Hope Inside the Box

I first met Bill on December 20, 2006 through his blog entries of Anne Sherina. His pain is all too familiar. For most bereaved parents I know, not being able to touch, to hold, to embrace our child is the most painful reality we have to face. The emptiness of our arms, the indescribable longing to have those arms filled again with our precious child, are almost more than we can bear.

An exchange of text messages, emails and instant messaging kept us in touch for the past year until a few days ago, a pleasant surprise through a scanned newspaper clipping awaited in my inbox.


THE Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP) in Bonuan Gueset, Dagupan is taking full advantage of new technology.

Jail Senior Inspector Roque Constantino Sison III, jail warden, has announced their use of the internet, particularly podcasting, the first among jails nationwide, for wider information dissemination about their projects.

It was through Bill that the BJMP here has launched its DCJ homepage at bjmpdagu­ that contains their podcast, blog, among other relevant information about them.

Bill, 31, who has stayed in the jail for four years, told The STAR that he wants to spend his time in jail productively and since the warden discovered his skills in IT, they had together made the jail’s activities known worldwide including services rendered by various groups to the inmates through the Internet.

(Philippine Star)

Another email from Bill followed:

Hi mam noemi,

There’s one thing I didn’t tell and I’m so sorry.

I’m in jail.

Languishing in jail for more than four years now, Bill is faced with the injustice of our slow-moving legal system. It is difficult to be in Bill’s position who is in the midst of heavy grief of loss and jail time. How can one believe that any good will come of this?

We may resent any such suggestion – as though someone is trying to offer a quick fix too soon, trying to offer a “bright side” when the whole world is darkened. It is true that we will never be “cured” – never restored to the being we were before. But we will not be forever bereft. A larger world will present itself.

One thing is certain, though. Each one of us carry an inner strength and resiliency that seems to surface and come to life just when we need it the most. Hope is always alive deep within the soul. Yes, it may be a painful journey trying to rediscover hope, but it is more painful not to try.

Bill kept the faith burning.

The day will soon come when Bill and I will finally meet in person.

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