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How I interview the Presidential Candidates

I am not going to talk about the questions I ask the presidential candidates but more on the gadgets I use. Pocholo Gonzales and his team at provide the podcasting and video casting of all the candidates but I carry along my own gadgets. Most often, the presidential candidates are amazed at all the contraptions we bring to our “Coffee Chat” or “Happy Hour” but they are simple and usually inexpensive gadgets.

I thought I’d share to you what I have been doing the past few weeks since the year started.

My gadgets as shown in the photos above:

1. Macbook or the light weight HP Mini to live blog or update via Twitter (as @momblogger or @blogwatchdotph)

2. Flip Video Camcorder to take my own videos which I place on a either a mini-tripod or stand tripod. These are uploaded to

3. iPhone as back up for the ustream broadcasting which appears at ustream or blogwatch.

4. Nikon D40 for close-up photos of the candidates

5. Must always bring: extension cords, AA rechargeable batteries, chargers for iphone and laptops, usb cables, smart 3g, Globe tattoo for internet backup.

Can you tell I am too exhausted to even blog? The campaign period is about to start and I’ll be even more busy. I am glad that Noynoy Aquino is the 7th presidential candidate that interviewed. That means there are just 3 more to go. Then there are vice-presidential candidates and senatorial candidates.

It’s actually fun. I need a lot of sleep though as I am getting eye bags already.

So that’s it!

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