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Compassion for Joseph Carlo Candare & Awareness of Philippine’s Animal Welfare Act


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There’s nothing wrong with anger provided you use it constructively. Wayne Dyer

Meet the adorable kitties that give my family so much joy. They are so loved that we call them the other members of the family. Missy (left) is mine. Kylee (center) belongs to L and Lady (right) is M’s pet. Well, my husband gets to choose among the three but I think he has a thing for Kylee. They talk to each other at the dinner table. No kidding. I understand that not everyone is a cat lover. So when I read about Joseph Carlo Candare who got labeled as a Cat Serial Killer, I was beyond horrified that someone could engage in a brutal act. I gasped at his description, I pulled it on its tail and threw it. Then like some pro wrestler I jumped on it and my feet landed on it’s torso. Slam! Felt good!. As I continued reading, I got more appalled by the comments of the readers as the poster/blogger called for action “Wanted Dead or Alive“. Geesh, what kind of call for action is that? You might be a “Cat Killer Killer”? (Edit April 19– The yoopee multiply entry has been deleted now)

Still seething with anger, I shook my head and tried to understand the actions behind this brutality. Despite my disgust , I turned my thoughts to the student who studies at UP Diliman. What is the university doing about this? Is it providing help to Joseph Carlo Candare (JC)? I know his actions are just so gruesome to comprehend among cat lovers like me. Should I continue on with this anger? What will my anger bring me? Anger is a beneficial one if it is NOT allowed to harden into resentment or used as a battering ram to punish people. Anger signals problems we need to solve or it points to boundaries we need to set. Sometimes it is the final burst of energy before letting go settles in.

Breathe deeply. I can feel all this anger but still take responsibility for my behavior.

Right now, I can act on my anger and move on to a positive resolution.

Since I am not privy to the concrete steps already initiated by the The Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) , the university and other groups concerned, let me just provide my own positive resolution:

1. Think of the boy’s welfare. Stop spreading vicious posters about him. How is that going to help? Sure, he is an adult and should be accountable for the consequences of his actions but do we really know what is happening to him? Though JC gave an apology, I believe he needs help and compassion by the agencies concerned not a lynch mob approach. It’s about time to read up on the Libel Law.

Instead of hurling more insults to JC , allow the proper agencies to work on this and file the necessary charges or consequences, if applicable.

2. Provide public awareness to the Animal Welfare Act or Republic Act No. 8485 especially to those who despise cats or dogs or animals. Instead of spreading posters about the Cat Killer, why not spread posters on the Animal Welfare Act and point certain sections such as:

SECTION 6: It shall be unlawful for any person to torture any animal, to neglect to provide adequate care, sustenance or shelter, or maltreat any animal or to subject any dog or horse to dogfights or horsefights, kill or cause or procure to be tortured or deprived of adequate care, sustenance or shelter, or maltreat or use the same in research or experiments not expressly authorized by the Committee on Animal Welfare…

Anyone who violates any of the provisions of this Act shall, upon conviction by final judgment, be punished by imprisonment of not less than six (6) months nor more than two (2) years or a fine or not less than One thousand pesos (P1,000) nor more that Five thousand pesos (P5,000) or both at the discretion of the Court.

Posters on Animal Welfare bring a more constructive course of action. What can society gain by spreading a poster of a Cat Killer?

True, his actions are pretty disturbing and may be in violation of the law, yet I believe he is not a hopeless case. I hope we all step back a little, take a deep breath and let the proper authorities handle this without resorting to outbursts of emotions and hurting him back online.

A little compassion and understanding will go a long way to prevent a similar case and thus ensure the welfare of our animals.

Note that I am only adding tags below so that any searches on this topic will also land on my blog and provide another perspective of this cat killer issue.

98 thoughts on “Compassion for Joseph Carlo Candare & Awareness of Philippine’s Animal Welfare Act”

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  2. Dear Noemi,

    I think the best way to help this Cat Abuser is to ensure that he is investigated for whatever violations of the law he committed. He must be made to account for his depraved actions. He has to understand that what he did was and is wrong and he must be punished for it.

    Doing that is also compassionate because the wisdom of the law is to make sure that everyone follows society’s modus vivendi to, at the very least, respect the dignity of animals. That is done by enjoining everyone to follow the law and to make sure that violators are punished.

    The saddest thing that could happen is that vigilantes reach the Cat Abuser ahead of law enforcers. I do not condone threats of violence from those who now hate Cat Abuser. I wish they do the right thing by supporting groups such as PAWS to bring Cat Abuser to justice.

    I hope that this incident would raise public awareness on animal rights and on RA 8485.

    By the way, Bruno and Johnny (my cat friends) send their warmest hellos to the cats of the Dado household.

    1. Oh we are cat lovers, aren’t we? Hello Bruno and Johnny!

      I agree with you that the proper course of action should be taken. I am not an expert on the law so I will allow these agencies to implement the law. But these lynch mob mentality needs to be stopped.

      1. Well I just hope it ends as the one that was publicized on 4chan: The cat beating kid who posted a vid of his maltreatment of his cat. The kid got what he deserved when the cops were knocking on his front door.

        oh and just an after thought,
        Joseph has a lynch mob on his side (though I’m not saying he’s directly affiliated with them) claiming it’s alright to kill animals as we please.

        sylv3rblades last blog post..The 1st Manila Comic Con

  3. Hi Noemi!

    I heard about this too and am honestly very disturbed. I have never commented on things like this before but really had to say something when I heard this.

    I didn’t go all out like the other comments I see from the boy’s multiply site and I do agree that those with extreme hatred should calm down and let the authorities handle it.

    Anywayz here’s this is the comment I left…

    Vinces last blog post..Bothering me… cat serial killer

      1. Yes he did apologize but is that it? One can kill an innocent animal then just say sorry pag nahuli, Ok na? He did mention in his blog that he will do it again and can’t control himself and He killed cats before and this is not his first time. He keeps on using “cat” but the truth is he brutally killed a One Month old KITTEN. We Animal Advocates didn’t brand him Serial Cat killer, it’s self acclaimed, If you read his blog. We have tons of members, ONE person made that Poster, It was putted down by fellow members as well. Many are enraged with what he did. You don’t have to be an animal lover to feel anger and disgust over Joseph Candare. For people to believe he is really sorry, that’s just naive.

  4. Read his entry. Seems sincere without irony.

    At least we know who he is. I’ve killed a couple of ducklings ones. They’re beautiful, green and blue but I didn’t kill them by intention. I wanted to steal them away so put them in a can and sealed the lid. I was five. Dead. To escalate the crime, I left them them in a corner somehere kunwari they died of natural causes.

    1. It was an accident. How could a 5 year old understand that animals need oxygen? I am sure you learned from your mistake.

      I read his apology too. I felt his sincerity and I leave it to the university, the PAWS or whoever to deal with this. Bashing him won’t help solve his mistake.

  5. I really hope 4chan gets wind of this, this guy will live with the guilt for the rest of his life. He certainly doesn’t need to have any physical harm done to him, but he should be branded as “A Cat Killer” for life. What 4chan did to the teen boy who abused his pet cat and posted a public video of it was perfect because this will be a lesson he wont forget for the rest of his life I’m sure.

    People look at you from a different perspective, and some might want to break all relations with you, but you know what? That’s the price you pay for killing or abusing innocent lives. We don’t let up on murders and abusers of children do we? So why let up on people like these?

    From his post I didn’t feel any kind of sincere gestures save for the “It was a loved pet”, but we jump right back into “I guess I’ll stop killing cats for a month or so”. Right back to his own repulsive ways. He should be given help after charges are pressed and his actions are made more public than they are now.

    While your post was tasteful it really made me disappointed inside. Can some of us really just settle for an apology? While a lot of people can’t seem to view animals on the same level as humans as I do, what if I were to put it in this context: A young man has a person problem with young children of a certain ethnic background, he often picks on them when he sees them and one day this escalates to him putting a child in critical condition. Do we accept an apology he gives and simply put him in counseling? Or do we punish him to the full extent, make his name public and known as a child abuser to inform concerned people, and then after he is reprimanded offer him counseling.

    I’m sorry for being so adamant about this but nothing makes me more upset than an animal abuser..

    1. I get you, Nikki. Don’t apologize for speaking out on behalf of abused animals.

      It disappoints me how so many are willing to let Candare off with a slap on the wrist because he “apologized.” The apology was not even sincere–“So there you go I’m sorry. And I wont be striking another one for maybe about a month.”

      And even another apology offered much later sounds like he was sorry he blogged about it and got caught.

      There is a very low regard for life in our society–animal life and human life. I am not surprised so many people are willing to sweep this under the rug because “it’s just a cat,” “so many people are doing it,” “kawawa si Candare,” and “mas marami pang mas importanteng issue.”

      This is the Filipino–as long as it didn’t happen to me or mine–I can take a cavalier attitude about it. It didn’t happen in my backyard, so phooeey on all those who are “overreacting.”

      This is just not right. We are sending the wrong message. Kids, you can hurt living beings and it’s okay. You won’t get sanctioned for it. You don’t have to be accountable for your actions. And so it goes until the kids become adults and inflict their sorry selves and warped values on society.

  6. To be truly compassionate to him is to show him that his actions are unacceptable to society at large and that it has definite grave consequences.

    Will he really stop if he is let off with a reprimand? I assure you, he won’t.

    Violent acts toward animals have long been recognized as indicators of a dangerous psychopathy that does not confine itself to animals. “Anyone who has accustomed himself to regard the life of any living creature as worthless is in danger of arriving also at the idea of worthless human lives,” wrote humanitarian Dr. Albert Schweitzer.

    “Murderers … very often start out by killing and torturing animals as kids,”

    To be compassionate to him would be to confine him to a psychiatric institution and be observed by capable doctors.

    This is serious in the sense that this intentional disregard for life may very well translate to future murderous tendencies towards fellow humans.

    nevas last blog cats, tomorrow humans

    1. I think the course of action is already done. PAWS and UP are doing something about it. UP since it is an academic institution should include some help to their student.

      What you can do is follow-up the progress with PAWS. Call them up to see the developments.

  7. Agree with Noemi. Let’s just wait for PAWS and UP to do their thing. Ultimately it’s their call, not ours. To those who are angry with the guy, you’ve already done your share by spreading the word and getting it noticed by the public.

    PS – Noemi video interview is already posted. Thanks!

  8. Hi Noemi!
    First of all, I was glad to have finally met you in person at our moms’ EB (with Keng) weeks ago.
    Now re: this post, your even keel is just what the blog world needs. I applaud your fairness and sense of justice. I’m not really a cat lover (although my daughter is) but I cannot imagine what would motivate someone to perform such acts of cruelty. So you are right, while it disturbs me, let us leave it to the experts to deal with it.
    Somehow, I hope this fellow learns his lesson. And I hope that it will be the end of it.

    Pinay MegaMoms last blog post..Color My World

    1. Hello Megamom. It was just so exciting to meet you. Truly a mega mom. It was pretty disturbing but since the authorities are dealing already on this matter, I hope justice prevails and the boy learns his lesson.

      Incidentally, the “cat killer killer ” entry is now removed.

  9. Hi! I’m UP student and I just have to say I agree with you. The reaction to Candare’s blogpost was totally out of proportion and very immature. I expected rationality and compassion from the students of the National University, but it seems my expectations were too high.

    While I sympathize with the bereaved, I am more worried about Candare than anything. It has become mob rule and if physical harm does not reach him, social and psychological harm will.

  10. hi.

    i personally think there’s an unforgivable overreaction on the cat killer issue.

    1) because people judged mr.candare solely on the basis of one blog post
    2) because people rallied for punishments that were not even commensurate and corrective to begin with
    3) because everyone is crystal balling what mr.candare will become-a serial killer.

    yes, i was also expecting people to be more rational on this one. but it was rather disappointing.

    killing cats is bad. but dismissing logic isn’t also something you should be so proud and passionate about.

    btw, i’m referring to the people who overreacted on this issue. =)

    1. You are soo right!! i know what he did was wrong, but the comments are just too much.. One even posted that Jc’s next blog should be a suicide note..Can you believe it? Sometimes, I find it hard to believe that people use their heads, i mean brains..

      1. Which is why the Philippines is going to be a third world country for a long time. Expulsion is too much? Here in Hong Kong, the dude would get jail term and a permament record, it’s a criminal offense here you see.

        Kung sabagay, you live in a country where people eat cats and dogs, kasama pa police nyo.

        Although I agree that mob rule is never a good thing, I also understand that sometimes History makes an example of someone, and sad be it, seems like he is the chosen one. Message received?? Laws are laws..

        tsk tsk.. tiga UP pa namn

  11. Actually, he wasn’t labeled by the public as a Cat Serial Killer. If you carefully read his blog, he called himself one.

    A lot of animal welfare activists sent him nasty personal messages in multiply. I think we can’t feel compassion for everybody because we don’t live in an ideal world.

    But I also think you have a good heart and it’s very easy for you to look even consider looking at his perspective because you’re a mom. (I say that as a complement) 🙂

    Cat Serial Killer eventually gave a public apology– which I bet wouldn’t even happen if the public did not get angry at him. If people did not react that way, maybe he’d kill another cat the next time he wants to “have fun”

        1. Here in the Philippines, at 18 years of age, you’re considered old enough to vote. Think about that. At 18, you can help choose the leaders of the country. Are you telling me that at 18, JC Candare is still a “kid” and should not be held accountable for his actions?

  12. i bet all those people who replied with angry comments to that UP kid eat FRIED CHICKEN and BEEF. thats kinda hypocrites. they feel sorry for the cat and yet at the same time they are not even vegetarian. LOL!

    1. So If you eat meat, you’re a hypocrite If you have a pet dog or a cat? You eat animals, how can you love a dog and care for it like a family member?

        1. I became vegetarian, cold turkey, when I learned about the cruelty of factory farming. It’s nice that you’re vegetarian whatever your reasons are. And I’m a mom too.

    2. When I was a freshman from the University of the Philippines, I was shocked when I saw a student (who I think is taking up comparative anatomy) dissecting a folmaldehyde-charged cat in the aisle of Palma Hall. Students who take biology and medicine will definitely have a cat killed for the study of their anatomy. I was wondering how is this different from JC’s case?

  13. That’s what he gets for blogging something that sick, he offended and hurt some people. His sick actions will never be forgotten by some people. I don’t know that kitten but I am also greatly affected. That kitten had a collar and many people cared for it. Don’t get me wrong I never pmed him but I can’t blame these people. Let’s not get in the way just because some people overreacted. Let’s not forget what he did, how he did it and what he’s capable of doing.

  14. I’m appalled with what he did to the cat/kitten. I agree that he should be responsible for his actions which means that the law should take effect. If he needs to pay a fine or be imprisoned, so be it. if under school law, his action calls for expulsion, so be it. compassion does not mean letting him off the hook. but we also need to recognize that he is a human being capable of change, especially if people help him or give him a chance. to deny that to him is not being humane. if you love or care for an animal, how much more a person?

    and for those angry, don’t blame the guy for your anger, you let anger control you. good for you if it does you any good.

  15. what i dont understand is that he even add the “cat killing” story to his blog. and he seems to enjoy it. the way he told the story made it even more offensive. thats a dumb move. its like if you kill people, you cant just blog about your “killing of random people” because youre gonna get caught. haha. (thats what he get). anyways.. he seems like he really hates CATs!

    but to people out there whos not even a vegetarian and yet he/she gets pissed off of that cat killer from UP just better be quiet. (im not vegetarian myself though.)

  16. Hm. Well, I personally don’t see why a non-vegetarian can not be offended with JC’s actions. It’s not that people are opposed to specifically “killing” animals, it’s the cruel way in which Mr. Candare did it. Like for example, KFC is a common fastfood restaurant and people don’t usually think twice about eating there. But there are groups like PETA and celebrities like Pink who are opposed to how the chickens are getting killed and sliced up while conscious. Fact of life: a lot of people eat meat to survive, Difference: Be humane with the treatment of any animal, regardless if it is a pet or poultry meant to be consumed. I don’t think being a vegetarian is the issue here.

    As for people overreacting, It’s not the right way to address things but it’s understandable. Because of course, if JC put his views online, it’s automatically open for critiques and reactions. We can’t automatically dismiss how a person feels, specially if it involves a reaction to hurting another being. If some animal advocates are hurt by what happened and react negatively and you happen to not feel the same way, then imagine if something like this happened to a child (if you are an advocate of children).

    And of course, implementation of the animal rights law also ensures that JC will be held responsible for the consequences of his actions. In Pinoy society, it’s not that uncommon to “punish” a child for doing wrong and yet people are scared that JC would land in jail for killing another creature? For a guy like that (who is in Physics, I presume he has brains naman), I don’t think asking him to kneel on salt and hold books for a few hours would help him understand and remember what he did wrong. He made a choice to kill that kitten and was satisfied with what he did. I read his blog and even his apologies sounded insincere (because he specifically said that it “might” take another month but he won’t promise not to kill again).

    I think that being responsible for that and accepting the consequences, are also for his own good. Just think, if JC did that to someone or something helpless that you care about, wouldn’t you want to make him understand how wrong that is? JC is in college, he’s an adult and he makes his own choices. If he can do that to a kitten, what stops him from doing that to another pet? Or a baby?

  17. And also I think that upon looking at our animal welfare law, some would not be happy if JC walked away scot-free after paying only P5k and maybe serving prison-time for a few months. Maybe that’s why they’re spamming and bashing.

    “…nor more that Five thousand pesos (P5,000) or both at the discretion of the Court.”

    Would this really deter an 18 year old guy who is in college? I personally hope that he gets therapy. Maybe that way, it won’t just help those around him, it will also help him determine what causes his anger.

  18. JC is my classmate in high school from 1st year to 4th year. Although I’ve known him to find pleasure in torturing animals, I still find him as a nice person. I mean, COME ON PEOPLE! There are a lot of people there who kill animals for fun. It just so happened that JC documented it in his blog. It’s so unfair to put all the anger to him when there are many people who does the same thing.

    Give him a chance people!

    1. It is very disturbing that you admitted that Mr. Candare enjoys torturing animals and yet you insist that he is a “nice” person. Perhaps we need a new definition for “nice.”

      Expulsion and commitment to a mental institution are not enough for this “person.” I use the term person loosely.

    2. So let’s all kill animals for fun and hope that the other animal killers get caught instead of us! Whoopey! You an idiot or something? I apologize to the blog owner if I said something harsh. But kristenne, if that’s the argument you have in order to convince people to feel compassionate towards this guy then you’d have to try a hundred times harder. This just makes me feel more animosity towards him and now perhaps even toward you.

  19. Just because a lot of people do it, doesn’t make it right. And the reason why JC is being made an example of is not only to help him choose better next time, but also to deter those other people who kill animals for fun.

    There are also wifebeaters who have a lot of friends and are probably really charismatic, but I’m sure that if even one of them get caught, they would be the object of hatred as well. We can only hope that karma gets to everyone who do things wrong. But realistically, we can only get through to one person at a time.

    Kristenne, it’s not that everyone hates JC as a person…it may be that a lot of people hate what he did. You seem like you mean well for him as your friend. Don’t you think hurting anything or anyone is wrong? Specially if what got hurt was defenseless.

  20. Posting this email I received in my Inbox this morning! Please sign!

    Dear Friends:

    If I may impose on your time, please my care2 petition addressed to key
    faculty members of the University of the Philippines pertaining to one
    of their students who is a self-confessed serial cat killer. Treatment
    of animals in developing countries is even more atrocious than the
    way they are treated in the U.S. and Europe, and every effort to
    engender a more humane society must be taken.

    If you agree with the petition, please sign it. Thank you.

    Ted Teodoro
    River Edge, NJ

  21. His action is disturbing, ab initio. However, what disturbs me more is how people reacted to his action, going as far as wanting him expelled from the university or even dead. Is this another an-eye-for-an-eye-and-a-tooth-for-a-tooth kind of thing? I think this is an alarming example on how rational people become barbaric once they act out of pure rage. I hope that we can see things beyond the act of killing the cat. I will bet everything I have that JC is in an excruciatingly difficult and painful situation right now. And please dont say that he deserves it. People do commit mistakes, unfortunately his was so sensationalized and blown out of proportion. Wanting him expelled from the university is way too much. We are talking about a bright future that can be wasted. I hope people can be more sensitive to JC’s situation. Its very easy to wish someone the worst of everything as if he is the only person in this entire planet that has violated a law. Kawawa naman yung pusa, some say. Can we not extend the same compassion to JC? Understanding would be better.

    1. It is not actually surprising if he gets expelled from the university. It’s written in the student code of UP that engaging in any form of misconduct […] may merit a sanction ranging from admonition to expulsion. and personally, i think he deserves to be expelled.:) i think he is old enough, and intelligent enough to realize the gravity of what he has done. of course aside from being expelled, i think proper authorities should also provide him psychological help, or something like that. It’s all in the law so there is no question of “injustice” to Mr. Candare if he gets expelled. It’s written in the student handbook/student code, he should have read it before he killed the poor cat.

  22. It may be just one kitten. And it may be just one person. But it’s supposedly a premier institution we’re talking about — an institution that imparts knowledge, skills and values, and is a training ground for how future leaders and movers of society are supposed to act when unleashed on the world.

    One act of violence against one small kitten by one youth from UP is like saying a site like Cherry Hill doesn’t have to worry about one additional tree being felled to accomodate just one more house. Do we wait for the proverbial straw to break the camel’s back?

    Mr. Candare obviously needs professional help. And we should send a message to those with similar violent tendencies that such impulses are unnatural and cannot go unchecked in our society. He is not a manly hunter out to provide for his family. It is simply a sadistic act! And he even had the gall to brag about it! Who knows where such behaviour will lead to? We cannot do anything about the kitten anymore. But we can do a lot for Mr. Candare, for others like him, and for their potential victims.

    Intervention is needed at this point…on many levels! The UP of yore didn’t need such petitions to act on supposedly “small” events such as this one, its leaders knew enough to act straightaway on events of value. I believe in UP and I believe in the Pinoy society…please don’t let me down…

  23. I had the same emotional/mental process that you had.

    When I read about it in the newspapers, I instantly wanted to threaten Joseph Candare and personally kick his ass and do the same thing he did with the kitten and make him cough up blood. I was so pissed off, but thought that vengeance wouldn’t bring any good, and I learned this a lot of times in my younger years. He’s human, he’s imperfect and awfully at this point and reaized what he needed was help. People forget that they’re dealing with a human being, everybody launching this mock campaigns against him doesn’t do him any good. I realized that a lof of adults still think like children, letting emotions get ahead of themselves.

    He does need help, and that’s what people should ask for.

    P.S. Good blog.

  24. True, some people may have resorted to the extreme with their comments. But with the way things are in the Philippines, without a public outburst, there is no way that any government agency or authority will make a move.

    I respect your wishes for compassion and understanding for JC, but I will stand by my conviction that this emotional outburst as you call it will get the case going as per the culture here in the Philippines.

    More power, and good blog entry. I’d always love to see a difference perspective even if it goes against my own. =)

    Seishiros last blog post..What New, Bagacay Point?

  25. there are a lot of people who do more outrageous things out there. you’re efforts should be to criticize those who kill people. Who are all of you to judge? I know this guy and he is not really someone who is helpless. As if all of you are sinless. If you really don’t want to hurt an animal, never it meat in your entire life.

  26. From the PAWS website:

    “If you see JOSEPH CARLO CANDARE (picture below), anywhere, please have him arrested by the police. If you are aware of his whereabouts, please inform PAWS through [email protected]. An Order Notice from Metro Trial Court NCJR Branch XL 40- Quezon City states that a warrant of arrest has been issued for Candare with a bail of P4000. The Order was signed by presideing judge J.N. Asis.
    Last known whereabouts: UP College of Science – Candare is a Physics student.

    PAWS’ case versus Candare is now Criminal Case No. 00859. He is charged with violation of the Animal Welfare Act for stomping a kitten to death before horrified witnesses in front of the NIP Building in UP last April 2009.”

  27. no way im letting the taxes send this monster to a state subsidized university. The moron posted bail… i wish he gets convicted and do jail time for his gruesome, barbaric and stupid act. I’m sorry but I can’t show any sympathy for a person like him. It’s all about respect for a life. The kid needs to seriously see a doctor. he has tendencies to terminate life. (after his jail time)

  28. No one is without sin, yet most humans do not go aroun torturing animals. Such an act takes away a human’s right to be human. Let people do as they wish to this less-than-human. He deserves the rest of his life to rot in his choice to harm another creature.

    1. Killing a living creature is a very inhuman act, but not forgiving someone who is trying to repent is an even more inhuman act. And what you said also takes away your right to be human. So I don’t think you have the right to say such horrible things to a fellow less-than-human.

  29. Have compassion for a man like Joseph Carlo Candare? A person like him who kills a cat for no reason other than for his enjoyment? He is a sadistic psychologically disturbed individual! What are you saying here?!? I am appalled at your misdirected “compassion”! For a parent like me I think his parents should teach him this early that such actions will only deteriorate later to physical injury (or murder) directed towards human beings – that’s the first sign that a man is crazy and can kill…even people. To even suggest “compassion” and “understanding” (Nonsense!) on your part means you tolerate these kind of behavior. This guy need jail time and he deserves every minute of it – 6 months to 6 years!

    1. You are an amazing parent. But I am not you. a parent like me would want the kid to have therapy . Not all parents are like you who can teach their kids the proper way. Yes I suggest compassion and understanding for him to be rehabilitated. What can jail time do huh?

      1. nanggigil ka sa comment and yet you showed compassion sa cat killer? bka ikaw ang me mental disorder.. kung talagang sincere ka na unawain ung cat killer u should not post negative replies like that and understand that we are just humans and we cant just accept that kind of treatment to animals! and how did you know that he repented na? close ba kyo? tngn mo ba sincere cya? quote ko lng ung cnbi mo sa isang post mo “So I don’t think you have the right to say such horrible things to a fellow less-than-human”.. ikaw ata c JC e, defensive ka msydo kung gs2 mo intndhn ka intndhn mo din ung nraramdaman and opinions ng iba!

        kudos to momblogger for understanding both sides, at first galit dn nramdaman ko pro if he is willing to change and be sincere about it then he must do it.

      2. Sending someone to prison for stomping a cat to death is not cruelty. It’s justice. A person who had acted with discernment at the time of the commission of the crime deserves to be punished. If he is mentally disturbed at your say, then he should be locked up in a mental hospital. Coz if you’re suggesting that people should go easy on him, let him go with just a “sorry”, because he is a freakin psycho, then you need to have your head examined.

  30. I think you need to brush up on Libel laws yourself. To prove libel, it must first be established that the written statements made against the person was false. In this case, truth is a defense against any accusation of libel because he himself admitted his actions in his blog

  31. WTF? I dropped like 12 EQ points just reading the way people here are supporting Candare’s action with reasons like ” a lot of people are doing it” , “he’s a nice guy”, “it’s just one blog post”. Geeezuzzz all serial killers start practice with killing animals, normal people don’t enjoy killing animals for the heck of it, and certainly no nice person will stomp a poor kitten to death just so he can brag about it to his homeboys. ANd whatever you feel about him, the fact of the matter is he violated the law. Here comes someone who admitted to doing this act himself, and you go saying people should lay off or go easy on him? People in any progressive nation will not defend an animal torturer like this guy. Shame on his apologists. Our country is in the pits precisely because of how soft we implement our laws. He committed an act that is not just a violation of the law but common decency. I’m paying taxes and it helps fund this guy’s education? Give him the boot! To be in UP is a privilege, not a right! And have you seen this guy’s family? They can’t even admit to themselves how wrong this animal abuser is. The nerve to be mad at those who supported the charges! They were obviously saddened not with what he did but the fact that he got charged and convicted! They should not be allowed to breed.

    Joseph Carlo Candare, you are more of an animal than tengteng ever was. Your name is now part of history. Let’s see you blog about that!

    And what Libel? The dude admitted to doing the vicious attack on the poor cat. People reacted. What is his cause of action going to be? None.

  32. You know what’s alarming about all this? I’ve been reading through the comments and people are just so bloodthirsty nowadays. He’s a KID. Don’t you think the adults should try to guide him to the right path? By throwing him in jail, you’re actually telling him he’s no good and he’ll have no hope of becoming a contributing member of our society.

    If we all continue in this path of hatred and anger, we’re losing our faith in humanity. Do you fight evil with evil? Or do we confront evil with love?

    Nakakahiya nga, lalo na’t fellow Upian ako… pero “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone…” (John 8:7)

  33. Well, he is being punished by the state, and everybody has the right to his or her own opinion. I agree they should have a psychologist examine him, he clearly has issues. Forgiveness is not the same as forgetting – I do not suppose people have forgotten the likes of some really unscrupulous criminals who have murdered thousands. In this country it is also a tenet of Roman Catholicism, a tenet that has been misused to save even the worst criminals from time in jail. Who knows if he really meant his ‘apology’ – I don’t think a person who is really mentally insane can apologize for his actions if they come naturally to him. If he believes he is crazy, then he might’ve said, “I did it because it is within my nature. And I am sorry if my nature offends.” There’s a difference.

  34. From Wikipedia (
    “One of the known warning signs of certain psychopathologies, including anti-social personality disorder, also known as psychopathic personality disorder, is a history of torturing pets and small animals, a behavior known as zoosadism. According to the New York Times, ‘[t]he FBI has found that a history of cruelty to animals is one of the traits that regularly appears in its computer records of serial rapists and murderers, and the standard diagnostic and treatment manual for psychiatric and emotional disorders lists cruelty to animals a diagnostic criterion for conduct disorders.'”

    I think this case deserves closer attention than the impulse approach of lynchmobbing or the opposite and equally frivolous approach of merely showing ‘compassion’ (“Criminals thrive on the indulgence of society’s understanding.” – Batman Begins). I’m not saying the person should be tagged as a possible future serial killer/rapist. But there should be more comprehensive laws against unprovoked cruelty to animals that involve less jail time and more psychiatric treatment.

    Though I may be speaking a bit hypocritically here. As a cat lover, if I’d happen on that guy while he’s in the act of torturing/killing a cat, I probably might have landed him one. Same impulse I’d feel if I see someone harming a family or friend of mine. The fact that the guy felt good about what he did is more serious than most people think.

  35. He should be treated as an outcast for the rest of his life, this way he would be a reminder to others who torture and violate the rights of animals. His name should always carry the inhuman and callous act he did in 2009. Joseph Carlo Candare: The Cat Killer.
    I’m sorry but when I think about the thousands of other stray cats and dogs in the Philippines, who are probably, this very minute experiencing pain and torture from people who just wants to have fun, i dont feel any compassion for Mr.Candare.
    I’ve always had cats, ever since I was responsible enough to take care one.And I ‘ve always treated them as if they were my kids.
    His act of rage isnt at all constructive (referring to your quote)
    obviously it was destructive, it has lost an innocent life and probably the life of Candare is as good as lost.
    And you’re right, what he did is not “misconduct” It’s got to be worse than that.

  36. jail time would be the perfect solution for him to become a better person, if he does not experience the gravity of the stupid things that he did, then there is not a chance in hell that this mofo would change. he may say he is sorry,but nevertheless, we dont know if he really meant it. words and support are not enough to make someone change, specially if that is part of his personality. it’s worse than being an addict. jail time is good for him so that he’ll be scared to do those things again specially if he actually get to know and experience all the things that are happening in that place. i do not feel any compassion for him at all. he deserves all the negative things people tells him online. i know he is not the only one out there, and by putting him in his place, he’d become the perfect example specially for those whose brain is as sick and twisted as his. IT’S PEOPLE LIKE HIM THAT MAKES ME WANT TO ADOPT ALL OF THE STRAY CATS THAT I SEE ON THE STREETS, AND IT’S PEOPLE LIKE HIM THAT MAKES ME NOTWANT TO TRUST OTHERS WITH PET ADOPTION. our country is the one of the places in the world where this happens and people somehow still feels pity or compassion for sick individuals like this, he should face the consequences of his actions” what he did was just plain sadistic, and very sad. i happened to own 15 cats already, all rescued from the streets. theyre very lovable and also has feelings. i just cant imagine people are actually doing this. if they dont like cats, then simply leave them alone, how bad can that be anyway?

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