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Justice, My Son

In memory of Jose Luis (Luijoe) Dado, on his 7th Angel Date
May 27, 2000- May 27, 2007
My son , an hour before he went to heaven

Dear son,

It’s been seven long years since I last cradled you in my arms.

For many years I struggled searching for answers to the question…

Why God?

Why God is it taking so long for the judge to act on the (our) civil case?

Despite your dad being a lawyer and a law office to defend our case,

the wheels of justice grinds ever so slowly.

Yes, Why God ?

Why did God take you away from me in the first place?

Other evil persons continue to thrive and survive

yet God had to take you away, my good, beautiful and religious boy!

Why God , is justice over your death not yet served to this day?

But I have long since moved beyond “Why God?”

Some things I am never going to understand.

Only God knows the answer.

What I do understand is God will give me the important answer , in HIS time.

God promises to work all things together for good.

I have faith that justice will be served , my son.

I will wait patiently.

I love you, my Luijoe.

Your Mama.

Flower Basket at his resting place today at the Loyola Memorial Park, Paranaque

44 thoughts on “Justice, My Son”

  1. I read about Luijoe’s story in the boook “Fallen Cradle” and was touched by his story (and those of others in the book) that I wrote a blog about it.

    My hugs are with you and your family, Ms. Noemi.

  2. I know Lui smiles down on you from heaven. May you be wrapped in God’s love and comfort as you mark his angel date. And I know that justice will come in God’s perfect time. (((hugs))) from our family to yours

  3. Noemi, you moved me to tears. I have read somewhere, I don’t remember who wrote it or maybe I just heard it, that when parents die, their children are called “ulila” or orphans. But when children die before their parents, what do you call the parents?

    I hope and pray that the justice you are waiting for will be granted to you.

    Nice seeing you again Noemi. 🙂

  4. mommy noemi, i clicked the link above. im so moved, im in tears, i cant find the words.

    i guess i just want you to know i care. i’ll include all of you in my prayers. big hug from me 🙂

  5. Oh Noemi! I just got back from out of town and am so glad I opened your blog.

    So today is Luijoe’s earth birthday and heaven day as well! I am sending you my big virtual hug and prayers that justice will come in His time. You’re such a wonderful mommy and Luijoe will be the first to affirm that. Am sure he has already kissed and hugged you from heaven before anyone of us did. Heto, naiiyak na naman ako…..

  6. Thanks everyone for your thoughts and prayers. For the first time since his death, today’s angel date was quite a happy day actually. The past anniversary dates often brought out moody and temperamental family members. We didn’t make any plans so as not to get stressed out. We went to the cemetery at 5 pm with lovely flowers and had dinner with the kids.

  7. Our family dont have to go to the cemetery to visit my Daddy, his ashes is right here in our house! (Which has some advantages and disadvantages too. *sigh*) Those are really lovely flowers, Miss N. I’m sure Luijoe loves them. I feel close to your son just reading your posts. 🙂

    Everything in God’s sweet time. 🙂

  8. hi, Noemi

    am glad to hear that you have finally moved on, and the angel date ended up in a happy note. I tend to believe that angel Luijoe was looking down from heaven happy, too, in the bosom of God.

  9. my thoughts and prayers for your baby. it is coincidental that i am here in manila right now and ready to go to the church in baclaran. i will light a candle for your angel…

    god bless you and your family – – specially our little angel in heaven.

  10. @riz- the ritual of the cemetery is quite good for us though.

    @sexymom- correction: I have not finally moved on.

    I have moved on a long long time ago. And moving on to a new normal is what we bereaved parents experience. I wrote this entry more for memory lane purposes not for announcing that I have moved on. In fact I have moved on even way way before I started this blog.

    I always get comments like this so just a thumbs up 🙂

    @chuva- Lighting a candle is touching. Thanks

  11. Hi, noemi! I really can’t begin this comment!

    Can’t imagine the pain .. I lost three babies in my womb but I know it’s nothing compared to what you have felt. I even told my hubby your story and he was so moved.

    Sometimes there are things that we really can’t explain … but there is a greater reason beyond that only God knows.

    But its good to see you moving on.

    Take care and God bless!

  12. I don’t know if I’ll fully understand what you went through because I haven’t been a mother yet. But I do know how it feels how to have lost a loved one. Maybe it’s not anymore important to dwell on the whys. I’m sure you have moved on and it’s good. Life is good, be it unfair at times. But it is to be cherished. Stay strong 🙂

  13. Noems, I think deep down you know the answers to at least some of your “Whys.” You have enough faith, di ba? But go ahead, Noems, vent. You have every right to vent. Sometimes, when you put the woes down on paper or on screen they stay there … oh well … hopefully.

  14. I just read the posts at And honestly, I do not know what to say. I keep trying to put in words what I am feeling right now – but somehow, i cannot.

    I feel your pain and search for justice.

    A tear fell just fell from my eye. Just now.

  15. Hi Noemi, I got here thru PMN. I read the story about your son. I know words cannot replaced how you feel. My daughter fell on her ninang’s pool during my baby shower and thank God a dad at the party jumped and took her out right away. For one second that I turned my head, she was there at the pool gasping and shaking because of fear. It was a sight until now I cannot forget. She cried (and I cried with her) for hours, if something bad happened to her I will never myself. It must be really hard moving on. I’ll pray for you and your family. Please continue to inspire more.

  16. A pleasant day to you. I was struck by the words of your son asking about heaven. I sympathize with you because I also have a 4 year old nephew who died last April 7,1995 due to brain tumor. He once said to his parents if I die you will never have a child and so it was 13 years ago and yet His parents haven’t got any child at all. I was also curious how he died that is why i subscribe to your blog. I am also a member of the prayer warrior of the Holy Souls. I will pray that the souls intercede so that the case of your son will be solved the soonest possible time. My father is also buried at Loyola Memorial Park Paranaque may be one time If i will visit my dad i will try to look for your son’s grave an offer a prayer…..

    God bless you and be strong as what bro. Bo Sanchez always say your biggest problem becomes your biggest blessing. God is so faithful He will fulfill His promise no matter what. In due time all things will work together for good to those who trust God.

    A Happy Christmas and a blessed New Year to you and your family.


  17. an angel is always watching over you..
    laughing, giggling, playing,
    you never lose him..
    every minute of your life,
    he is always on your side..
    to protect you
    and love you…
    everyday….says my 7 year old daughter chloie nicole

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