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Kris Aquino and Hope Centeno are not Victims

kris.jpgThe other woman, Hope Centeno wept and claimed she might be pregnant with James Yap’s kid . ““I also deserve the same sympathy as Kris” from the public. The 7 month pregnant [tag]Kris Aquino[/tag] just checked out of the hospital and minced no words. ““How dare you say sorry to me?” Kris scolded Hope. She then went on to blame Hope for her ““false labor” and subsequent hospitalization last Thursday.”

My jaw dropped as Kris lamented that “an innocent baby ” is at stake. “How dare you say sorry to me now after you endangered a defenseless child?” and added “You just want to ruin us,” “You attempted to steal my husband. You forgot I am seven months pregnant.”

and the other woman, [tag]Hope Centeno[/tag] “I don’t know if I can find another job. I am ruined. My only sin is that I loved James. I wish I was not judged,” she said, dabbing a piece of tissue paper at her eyes and nose.

Okay, I am not going into the moral issue of siding with Kris since she’s [tag]James Yap[/tag]’s legal spouse or show sympathy for the other woman so in love. It’s easy to blame the philandering spouse and especially the other person involved, but it’s much harder to look at oneself and ask, ““Was there something lacking in me that made my spouse want to connect with another person?”

What truly bothered me with these two women is falling into the victim trap.

True , this latest [tag]Kris Aquino scandal[/tag] could be a showbiz dramatic ploy to create sympathy from the masses and generate ratings. Sheesh, Kris and Hope need not be victims. I used to play the same victim role when my son died. I thought the world owed me sympathy because “woe me, look at me, my son died. Be nice to me.” But I learned to get out of the victim trap when I discoverd the joys of recovery.

Kris used her baby to cite the “victimization” she got subjected to from Hope’s interview in Star Talk and S files. Hope might be pregnant (by now, she should know since the last time she saw James was January 15). They are playing their victimization role to the hilt. Obviously, they cannot control the actions of the other person. These women do not need to keep getting hit by the blows of a pathetic situation. If Kris fears the safety of her unborn baby, she has the choice of controlling her environment as in news blackout, treating herself to bedrest and avoiding this stupid showbiz drama. Why harass herself to Hope’s sensationalized TV interview twice in a row? If Hope thinks she might be pregnant, why hasn’t she consulted with a doctor?

This teaches us a lesson that we are not victims. At one point in our lives, we may have been victimized or allowed ourselves to be victimized. There are times we might have sought out, created or re-created situations that victimized us.

We do not have to let others victimize us. Boundaries need to be set. After dealing with the anger, tell someone “NO” or “STOP IT”, walk away from the intrigue or a toxic relationship! Choices need to be made and one has to take responsibility for them. Explore other options. Claim responsibility for ourselves.

Hopefully Kris and Hope will refuse to think, talk and act like a victim. I wish they claim responsibility for themselves and focus on what’s good and right in their lives.

Here is that youtube video of Hope Centeno

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And Kris Aquino & James Yap: The Korina Sanchez Interview

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23 thoughts on “Kris Aquino and Hope Centeno are not Victims”

  1. Wow, Kris Aquino must be very big now to have merited a mention on this blog. 🙂 I think Kris is taking it too far. Any other man would scoff at the idea of being dragged through every talk show in ABS CBN to wash their dirty linens in public.

    Kris is obviously trying to humiliate James to gain public sympathy. It’s a bit grating – wait, it’s really irritating. I don’t get it.

  2. @benj- the only reason I mentioned Kris is because there are other women like her who fall into the victim trap. I know she is angry and all that but all these interviews (including Hope) are carrying it a bit too far.

  3. Well said Ms. Noemi! There should be a phase when a victim starts to think as a survivor.

    I haven’t really kept up with Pinoy Showbiz that I’m surprised that Kris Aquino is married and pregnant. The last time I heard of her was when she came out saying
    Joey Marquez gave her STD.

  4. @kk- that was a previous scandal. I heard that Kris has some sort of histrionic personality disorder- “The essential feature of the histrionic personality disorder is a pervasive and excessive pattern of emotionality and attention-seeking behavior. These individuals are lively, dramatic, enthusiastic, and flirtatious. They may be inappropriately sexually provocative, express strong emotions with an impressionistic style, and be easily influenced by others.”

    Ugh I can’t understand why she subjects herself into this kind of scandal.

  5. hear, hear.

    However much I try, I can’t summon any sympathy for these 3 people who flock towards scandal like moth to flame. That’s what they get for using their supposedly private lives as capital for their showbiz persona.

  6. If I may speak my mind, there’s obviously a big need for some restructuring of perspectives in this type of personalities. The blaming and projection directed at something or someone other than the one that or who truly deserves it after a hurt ego is not healthy at all. And I agree very much with your view. No one should be a victim. The only time we become one is on first occasion we don’t know better and the following occasions, we attracted it to ourselves. This is an oversimplification of course. But it’s curious how these manifestations and behavior is aired and read about. My concern is, is this the kind of attitude we let our younger generation see and thus emulate? Even if it is not the intent of the coverage, it results could be that. The media perhaps has a higher call to balance these with also telling stories of people who overcome and have victory over their falls in life. More coverage on this rather than on the previous. Not give these people reinforcements to capitalize more on their much-to-be-improved psychological non-evolution. It is a bad imprint to the viewing public. Media should not give them attention at all. I guess that’s easier said than done. 😉 Anyway, I totally agree, one should get over this “I’m a victim” crap. Smiles from here…:-)

  7. @sexy mom – sometimes I think this “drama” was scripted by both networks

    @Lemon- No sympathy. I am appalled.

    @Timeless Boulevard- that’s the reason I was disturbed by their statements. The masses will hear their drama and use the same dialogue if the situation applies to them. Ugh.

  8. Sorry if I came across as heartless. It’s just that I believe that these 3 people are very much attuned to public perception, much like their tv networks. That they will know no peace of mind for days and days, and even the life of an unborn child will be endangered, is the result of their being willing pawns in the “network war”. I just wish that the embattled couple will realize before it’s too late that in the end, it is the two of them who will make or break their marriage, not Cory, or Kris’ siblings, James’ fans, etc.

  9. Gee, if Kris was so concerned about her unborn child, why subject herself to such crap when she knows that it can greatly affect her pregnancy?

    And now Hope is whining to the public she might be pregnant. Shoot. I would rather buy myself a pregnancy test (won’t even cost her much, for crying out loud!) than subject myself to that kind of drama.

    Well. These two really bring the definition of KSP (kulang sa pansin) into a higher level 😛

  10. @lemon- ewan, I felt Hope was cued on what to say. Exclusive interviews are at least 30 thousand pesos. Imagine she had 2 interviews already.

    @gloria- she thrives on drama. That’s what histrionic personality disorder means

    @gail- tama ka. Hope could have gotten a kit. Dumb .

  11. These women make my skin crawl!!!! Aren’t they a bit to old to go celebutante/trash princess (read: Paris H/Lindsay L./etc.) on us? If they really wanted the respect, privacy, and care then they shouldn’t have consented to the interviews where all forms of criticisms will be thrown their way.

  12. Ang kapal ng mukha ni Hope!!!!! okay lang ba siya???? Sorry pero ung hinihingi mong pang unawa di namin maibibigay un!!! alam mo na noon na may sabit eh kinakalantari mo pa !!!! Isipin mo ung mga snabi mo SA INTERVIEW!!! ang gulo mong kausap!!!!!

  13. drama lang yun. Maybe that Hope is being paid by the network owner to start a scandal. Kris too is dumb and stupid. She should just shut up her mouth and don’t watch tv about the scandal and not submit herself for an interview and do not talk about her problem. Problem is personal and private. Eh kasi, kulang sa pansin, gusto ma front page.

  14. wala nang bago kay Kris lagi nalang pag may problema sa kanyang personal na buhay gusto lagi ipagsigawan sa buong mundo. Nabaliw na yata yan, kakainis na

  15. 1. Sinungaling si Kris at kasabwat pa si Boy Abunda. Niloko nilang 2 si James at mga pinoy fans.

    2. Matagal na palang kinakaliwa ni Kris si James. Tapos binabaligtad pa nya na si James ang nangbababae yun pala sya ang ma-EL. Magsama kayo ni ESCUDERO pareho kayong may tulo.

    3. Boy Abunda ang kapal ng mukha mo ! Sa bahay mo pa kinasal si James at Kris, alam mo pala na peke yung kasal. Buhay ka pa sinusunog na kaluluwa mo sa impyerno.

    Sige mga pinoy na kinakapos sa pag-iisip tangkilikin nyo pa mga pelikula ni Kris, para imbes ipakain nyo sa mga anak nyo yung pera, ibigay nyo kay Kris para mas madami syang lokohin.

    MATAPOBRE yan si Kris, Obserbahan nyo sa mga show nya, hindi sya nakikipagkamay sa mababaho.

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