Puppy Love

humphreyMeet the newest member of the family, Humphrey, our cute 7 week old boxer pup. Butch wanted to christen him “Pacquiao” but M shivered with the disgust over the suggestion. So Humphrey it is. My gosh, our [tag]puppy[/tag] has grown over a 4 week period. Five weeks ago, this adorable puppy wasn’t even walking yet. I gushed over Humphrey as he stared at me with puppy dog eyes. His eyes lingered towards his siblings as if wanting to play one more time. And he stared back at me as if saying “let me play, please” . I couldn’t resist those puppy dog looks and stroked his light fawn colored fur. I let him play a few more minutes before it was time to go home. The kennel owner handed over the Philippine Canine Club “Certified Pedigree & Registration Certificate” which showed that Humphrey had 12 red lines of champions in his family tree. Not that I am going to be a breeder but a little intelligence in a dog is a must. It’s not an assurance that a champion line breeds excellent dogs but it might help.

Humphrey seemed resigned to his fate and reluctantly allowed me to carry him to the car. He remained quiet and slept throughout the trip from Cainta to Makati. Hmm. Is he really that well-behaved? The next daunting task is the introduction to the other family members, the two felines. Will they scratch, hiss at Humphrey or better yet feel ignored ?

I wish the two girls were at home to welcome Humphrey and assure the other 2 felines that they are just as loved as the new puppy. Kylee is L’s pet while Lady is M’s pet. To remedy any jealousy issues, Humphrey will be my pet so that the two cats won’t feel betrayed by their masters. We finally arrived home after a brief stop at the pet shop.

So far so good.

Lady hissed and arched her back as she saw Humphrey. Naturally, it’s their first meeting.

Humphrey confused with his new home stares back at me with those sad puppy dog eyes. He sleeps below my computer chair even as I type this entry. Boxers are generally content to lie quietly with their owners for hours. I’ve always envisioned a dog sprawled beside me to keep me company. I read somewhere that they are such lap babies. If not trying to sit on my lap, he sits on my feet or on top Butch’ shoes. I find it so charming. We ended up “boxing”. I like how they use their paws to “box”. Is it why they were named “[tag]boxer[/tag]”?

Night beckoned soon. I allowed Humphrey to sleep in our bedroom. Like a baby, he slept peacefully in his basket. I expected him to wail or whine at night but he only woke up briefly . A quick pat on the head calmed him down to sleep again.

It was a sweet first night together. I still have to learn a lot about this breed but my next task is [tag]toilet training[/tag]. Any ideas?

One day, Humphrey will be able to do this to my macbook: