MovingAfter the verdict on the Subic Rape Case was read yesterday, Nicole thanked God for hearing her prayers, saying that God heard her plea for justice.

“Nagpapasalamat po ako sa Diyos na dininig niya ang dasal ko. Thank you Lord. Nagpapasalamat din po ako pati kay Judge Pozon. Judge Pozon ang bait ninyo,” Nicole said in an interview aired by GMA Channel 7.

She said that in her lonely search for truth and justice, she called to God and He did not fail her.

“Ang bait po talaga ng Diyos sa akin” (God is really good to me),” she said

When asked whether she could forgive Smith, ““Nicole” was uncertain, simply saying, ““God is good.”

I believe that even with the Court’s decision on the [tag]Subic Rape Case[/tag] that proclaimed Lance Corporal Daniel Smith “guilty”, we are uncertain if the accused will actually stay in jail or that the decision will be appealed. One thing I know for certain is that God is the final judge.

I watched Nicole’s mother on TV as she heaved a sigh of relief. She prays that her daughter can now move on with her life. Any mother would want her daughter to be happy after going through such a harrowing ordeal. I read the other day that Nicole already set plans on taking up a job in the Philippines and even enrolled in a fitness gym. She also has plans of working abroad. It took guts and courage for her to sit through the 4 months trial. It’s time to move on indeed. Whenever I read current events, I look back on my recovery principles to ponder on and imagine how it can be done to others like Nicole. Nicole will not start over. She will move forward in perfectly planned progression of lessons.

When the lessons have been mastered, we will move on. We will find ourselves in a new place, learning new lessons , with new people. The lessons are not all painful. We will arrive at that place where we can learn, not from pain but from joy and love. We know Nicole did not lose her faith during the trial. I hope others like her will learn to accept and be grateful for middles, endings and new beginnings.

Meantime, Lance Smith is facing prison term. I feel pity for this poor boy. He’s almost the age of my eldest daughter. Do you honestly think without reasonable doubt that Smith is guilty of rape? Though not a popular opinion, I have been having doubts he is really guilty. But then again , we will let the Courts of Appeal or the Supreme Court decide. The evidence will speak for itself .

Justice will be served.

Like Smith, justice over my son’s death will be realized. I will be patient. I will keep my faith. God is good. You will all know the truth one day.

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