Pass on the blessings to World Vision’s Noche Buena Campaign @worldvisionPH

For only Php 1,000, a sponsored child receives a Noche Buena gift pack which consists of essential food items and a special hand-picked present of your choice (optional) which he/she can enjoy with the family, or even the whole community in the coming Christmas Eve! For more information you may log on to or call hotline (02) 372-7777.

The smallest good deed is worth a thousand grand intentions.

Molina, a small Aeta girl with beautiful brown skin and curly afro-like textured hair seemed shy at first . She lowered her eyes as I smiled at her. As a nine year old girl many moons ago, I can’t blame her. I was just as shy. I wracked my mommy knowledge bank to see if I can make her smile. It’s been years since I hovered around young children and decades since I was a little girl. What did I do back then? So I asked her about the games she played at home. “Did you play bahay-bahayan? , I asked in Tagalog. Her eyes lit up when we talked of our make-believe house. I recalled that kids like seeing their photos so we played around with the camera. Among the photos taken , she liked this photo below because she smiled.

It was easy from then on as Molina warmed up to the activities for the day. So what was I doing here? World Vision Philippines invited me and other bloggers like Ferdz to interact with their sponsored kids at a Zambales community . This was a prelude to World Vision’s annual Christmas event for children where each of their 35,000 sponsored children will be given a noche buena pack for the family and a gift of their choice.

The community was a 5-hour ride from Manila but it was so worth it. I have always wanted to visit a World Vision community and the added bonus was visiting an Aeta community that I have only read in my Social Studies book. The Aetas here were relocated after Mt. Pinatubo erupted. World Vision has been helping out with the community development and educating the children for the past 16 years. Eventually, the community will become sustainable enough for them to thrive on their own.

Molina, my assigned kid and I started with bonding activities for the afternoon. One activity was to illustrate the meaning of Christmas which they would share to everyone. I asked Molina what Christmas meant to her. She looked up at me and without hesitation answered “family”. That warmed my heart because family means a lot to me too. Molina did not waste any more time and started to draw.

Her artwork were symbolisms like thought bubbles that showed the Christmas lanterns, the Christmas tree,a gift , the dinner table and love.

I helped her with the artwork explanation and shared the similarity with my Christmas celebration. Christmas is about time spent with loved ones so dear. It is also the time of year that represents an amazing time of hope and redemption. Family is a predominant theme. Being together on this special day makes Christmas meaningful to them. One girl teared as she showed her artwork to us. She misses her father and mother wished they were around. Her grandmother takes care of her now but clarifies that she is well-loved. I can totally relate to her pain. Losing a son feels like our family is not complete. I have learned to live with that loss by embracing my son’s memory in my heart. How can one explain living with that pain? That I too am in that journey.

I believe art is therapeutic to the children. Let me share a couple of them here.

All about the family.

Amangpintor Lito Circa , a World Vision sponsored child many years ago helped the kids with some ideas.

While everyone was busy drawing, Lito used his hands to paint this poignant scenery that reminded him of his childhood days at the Pantabangan from “the 70s (time where the town of Pantabangan was submerged by the water) to the present with the style of creating image of Minggan on every painting that he made. ”


Just as beautiful are the artwork of each child. How can one not get touched with their drawings that come from the heart? They just want to celebrate Christmas with their family with a meal like a “Noche Buena” . What makes it even more special is the family gathers and eat together as they rejoice and feast on the Nativity of the birth of Christ.

Yes, Christmas is a time of hope. The hope that is, because of Jesus. He is the reason for this season. Christmas is about sharing, giving and celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.

World Vision’s Noche Buena Campaign

If you have been feeling blessed lately, perhaps you might pass on the blessings to others you know who would need them more. One to consider is the sponsored children of World Vision Philippines.

World Vision, in it’s seventh-year Christmas offering, re-launches the Noche Buena Gift campaign to give Filipinos the opportunity to share their blessings to poor families this meaningful season.

For only Php 1,000, a sponsored child receives a Noche Buena gift pack which consists of essential food items and a special hand-picked present of your choice (optional) which he/she can enjoy with the family, or even the whole community in the coming Christmas Eve!

For more information you may log on to or call hotline (02) 372-7777.

Last year, more than 35,000 children delightfully received their Noche Buena gifts. With your help, we can spread the love and cheers to more children in 14 identified poor communities this year.

I believe in the saying that when “something good happens to us, let’s make something good to others. The more we share our blessings, the more that we are blessed.”

Sharing our blessings feels good because we’ve made someone else feel good.

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