What I have to say on the personal attacks from a pro-Duterte blogger

I really didn’t want to comment on the latest attack from a pro-Duterte blogger (the video has since been deleted) but I owe it to my friends who were concerned. I posted this on social media to squash the lies about my medical condition and my  life as a blogger. Here is what I wrote.

My friends have been prodding me to reply to vicious personal attacks by someone fixated in spreading lies and innuendoes. The agenda and motivation behind these falsehoods are unclear to me. But for the sake of those kind and caring people who have shown their concern, I would like to state for the record that I am NOT sick with cancer and have never claimed to be a cancer survivor.

In all my years a blogger/social media practitioner and doing advocacy work, I have learned not to dignify these baseless and vile claims, except to say that , the people who matter—my family, my true friends, and community— know my true worth. They know what I am about. And that is more than enough for me to shrug off these futile attempts at discrediting me.

I sincerely want to thank all those who sent messages of support. My heart is full. Because of you, I am more than ever committed to ensuring that truth , reason and justice prevail in the realm of social discourse and public engagement.