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Photo Hunt- Metal (The Amish Buggy)

Photo Hunt’ s Theme today is Metal. The most obvious symbol of the Amish is their horse-drawn buggy which is made of metal.

I took shots of this buggy as my brother and I checked out a harness shop at the Amish/Mennonite Community in Jamesport, Missouri last month. I saw a lot of the Amish and Mennonite people and of course we saw many horse and buggies along the way.

As we left the Harness shop, I quickly took a snap of this Amish man who didn’t seem too happy. I didn’t know he was caught in my shot because all I wanted to take was the photo of the buggy.

I am so fascinated by the Amish and their way of life. Just looking at them made me imagine what it might have been like living in the 1800s. It feels as though one steps back in time when you visit any Amish Community.

10 thoughts on “Photo Hunt- Metal (The Amish Buggy)”

  1. just a note…..their buggies are actually not made of metal. 🙂 They have a wooden frame which is covered by an upholstery fabric in some areas. Was this the Beachy harness shop?

  2. nice shot! i remember this old harrison ford film “witness”. it was about ths amish boy who witnessed murder. well, i didn’t like the story though, it’s predictable. but, i managed to finish the whole flick as i wan to learn more about the amish culture, people and lifestyle. i like the way they live simple life, with simple joys and less worries. i just wish life for us would be simplier but i believe i won’t survive that. there’s one scene that i like most, the amish men helped build the house of a new couple, while the amish women prepared them food and drinks. it was so touching and reminded me of our bayanihan. they love what they do, they have elders who guide them and they are united. so when i saw this post, it reminded me of that movie.

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