fil negosyolectureI had a lot of time to kill before picking up my daughters at their dorm yesterday. I knew about the Fil Negosyo Expo 2006 at the 5th floor Megatrade Hall, SM Megamall starting on June 23 till July 2, 2006 . My curiosity got the better of me. What are the latest small business ventures that one can enter to these days? I wanted to see if some existing businesses could complement my ecommerce plans. A quick glance at the booths showed that most of the business ventures didn’t need a lot of capital.

pinoy expofil-negosyo


A number of e-load dealers touting “1 SIM Load all” in the expo proved that the e-load retailing is a multi-billion industry. There was the eNegosyo, d-loads, Load Xtreme and Megaload. One thing in common with this business is networking opportunity and low capital requirement . For instance the capital for the retailing with networking business is 500 pesos ($9.40) enegosyo , 800 pesos ($15.00) for d-loads , and 16,000 pesos ($301) for Load Xtreme. Megaload claims it has no networking so its capital outlay is only 299 pesos ($5.60). It looks like Load Xtreme makes a killing just on networking model.

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megaloadLoad XtremeSince I already had an eLoad retailing at home, I invested 500 pesos at eNegosyo to complement my existing eload services. Why enegosyo? Though they are relatively new, they had a professional demonstration at their booth. Well, it’s also because their financial goals seemed more realistic. It remains to be seen if they are really reliable but hey, 500 pesos isn’t going to kill me. Take risks, right! (Add me as your sponsor if you’re joining eNegosyo )

franchisepotdogAnother business opportunity I’ve always wanted to pursue is a franchise in the food industry. I got to talk to Mia, a partner of Chillers and she said that their franchise fee is 150,000 pesos ($2,830) for 5 year term. The same cost is true for Potdog and “Pinoy Inihaw” (the first smokeless Inihaw Station). The ministop requirement ranges from 1.3 million pesos to 2.8 million pesos . RK franchise consultancy booth also provides you with list of available franchises and even a franchise seminar for 995 pesos. Then again, veering away too much from my core business might not be a good idea. A coffee shop is ideal for me but I read that the franchise cost is 700,000 pesos ($13,200).

pinoy inihawministop

The expo didn’t exactly generate much excitement in me. Perhaps the other visitors got some ideas. I’ll probably get more hyped up with the upcoming Voip Conference on Monday . Oh well, at least I got to buy my coconut gugo shampoo which is hard to find in the supermarket.

Other booths :

Essens Coconut Oil Shampoo with Gugo

Crazy Choco – Chocolate fountain The fountain costs around 4500 pesos.
choco fountain

Joy Charcoal Stove, a multi-purpose stove that uses all kinds of charcoal.

BC Buddies Dimsum Kitchen
BC buddies

And more at the photo gallery.
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