There is this mashing incident at Greenbelt 3

As Angela, the happy wife and mother of our story tells it, she was walking into the mall, trailing her mother and sister and holding two of her children by each hand, when the security guard suddenly appeared in front of her, leaned into her, reached for her handbag slung over her shoulder and touched her left breast. “I screamed and demanded to know why he touched me,” she recalls. “And while he immediately apologized, saying, ‘Hindi ko po sinasadya, [‘I didn’t mean to do it’], I just froze and found myself unable to move.”

okay , I don’t understand why at that particular moment, the male guard inspected the ladies. In my experience at the Ayala Center, there is a male and female guard. Are there different security agencies for each mall? It’s true that Emirates Security apologized and

….sent Angela a letter the following Monday apologizing “for what happened last Saturday” and repeating the guard’s contention that “it was unintentional on his part and he is very sorry about it. (Our guards) are just doing their job but sometimes accidents happen.”

Instead of ignoring a woman’s concern, they need to handle these delicate matters in a more sensitive manner. If I were Angela I will not be satisfied with a mere apology just because it was an accident. How should Emirates Security redeem itself? You know, the security agency should train their guards on the proper way to inspect the ladies’ bags. The guards should request the lady to subject her bag for inspection instead of the guard reaching for it by himself. Accidents do happen but they don’t have to happen again if proper training is given to these guards.

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