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Once upon a time, seven mothers, all bloggers eagerly went out with their kids to meet up, just for fun. They all seemed to have a common ground. They all loved to eat. It seemed but natural that they would convene for this very reason so they could feed (literally and figuratively) their same interest to their hearts’ content. Never mind that they risked expanding their waistlines, the company was just too delicious to resist.

On one of these meet-ups, the idea of starting a group blog dangled before them almost like the proverbial apple that no one attempted to bite. Should they do it? What will it be about? A lightning must have hit the 7 moms because four months later, they bit the tempting apple. *chomp* *chomp*

Thus, the Filipino Mom Blog is born. A product of shared interests and an incomparable love for life. A shared vision among seven mothers…seven friends….all partners in a journey that will bring Filipino mothers into the world stage.

The Filipino Mom blog is just beginning to unfold. Moms, watch out for more!