Update on Cheche Lazaro: (May 8, 2009) Cheche Lazaro and the Wire Tapping Case filed by GSIS

cheche lazaroTo be interviewd by Cheche Lazaro in “Straight Talk” is an honor. Her interview style is excellent. You know, I usually get a pre-interview by production assistants days before a show. This is normal procedure since hosts are usually busy. It surprised me that no one from ANC (ABS-CBN News Channel) called me up. Hmm, I thought that maybe Cheche can handle it herself. The only call I received was from the production assistant of the executive producer. He was so touched after reading Luijoe’s memorial website and wanted to borrow Luijoe’s photos for a clear graphic shot. They went all the way to the house just to get the photo albums.

Before the live interview, I caught up with Cheche at the dressing room and we had a little chat as the makeup artists retouched our shiny faces. I am amazed at her preparation for this episode. She printed out research materials on grief and highlighted sentences in my story of the Fallen Cradle. She told me that this is a fairly new topic rarely discussed on TV. I know. I told her that grief education is quite new in our country and we’re just taking off with the introduction of grief pyschologists and grief support groups.

It’s customary for host to read guide questions from a teleprompter. Cheche didn’t need a teleprompter. She was ready with the introduction and questions of all the segments. The show was less anguished than the interviews at ALI and the MOMS QTV. The interview showed more structure, a good summary and a clear take home message. She prepared a list of sentences that hurt the newly bereaved which she read towards the end of the show. (It’s similar to my words of comfort entry).

Some feedback from viewers:

Thank you for lifting the taboo on grief. I just got through rough 2 days of crying triggered by someone saying that I look ‘good’

Watching you I said, I will reach that stage later.

Seeing you shows that there’s life beyond grief.

Role models are important – it gives hope and encouragement to see other bereaved parents getting on with their lives and even helping others to take their first steps in the adjustment to the death of their child. If it were still the “old me” , I will shun the publicity. It’s much safer to be within my comfort zone… just keeping to myself. But I have been healed of my pain and I am forever grateful to God for showing me the light at the end of my darkest despair. The mutual support of shared experiences helps me honor Luijoe’s life and I continue to grow in wisdom , strength and love.


More screen caps of the show

Disadvantages of a live show:

1. Your worst angles are shown.

2. You can’t say “remove that part”. I was stunned at the question on effects of losing a child is on one’s sex life. I didn’t know what to say.

*EDIT (June 4)– This episode was replayed June 2 at 11:00 PM and on June 4 at 4:00 PM.

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