Thursday Thirteen:Number 1

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Thirteen Things about Me

Naturally the first thirteen things should be about me, so here goes:

1. My mom got my name from the Biblical name, Naomi

2. My husband calls me “Noyt” because of our then toddler , Lauren who couldn’t pronounce “noem”.

3. I am the second among 7 siblings.

4. I became interested in computers in 1980.

5. I cannot drive without pop music playing inside the car.

6. I exercise almost everyday at the fitness center.

7. I spend two hours at the gym for my ME time.

8. I feel younger now at 49 than I’ve ever felt in the past.

9. I like closing real estate deals but hate the paperwork after the deal is closed.

10. I have simple joys: relaxing, talking , eating at home with healthy family members.

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