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WikiPinoys of the Year: Bloggers

Wiki PinoysAllow me some bragging rights, okay? Congratulations to my daughter, Lauren for being chosen as one of the WikiPinoys of the Year: Bloggers (for People and Society) given by Wiki Pilipinas chose the Filipino Bloggers as the WikiPinoys of the Year. Why?

WikiPilipinas honors the Filipino Blogger in 2007. From their rudimentary beginnings, Filipino blogs have evolved to become important sources of information, and are now dubbed as the ““new media.” Currently, an extremely wide variety of blogs can be read and accessed online, offering everything from travel tips, restaurant guides, technology updates, and the latest news and events. Blogs are also liberating platforms for personal expression – they are one’s opinion column to the world. Through them, bloggers look out of themselves and give their readers a view of what they think and feel about issues as diverse as politics, environment, family and the state of their love lives. Blogs can also be used to further important social advocacies and to attract people to causes which appeal to their own interests and commitments.

WikiPilipinas believes that Filipino bloggers are models for WikiPinoys: wired, technologically savvy, and informed knowledge workers who—through their blogs—help raise awareness about the Philippines to an international audience and uplift the image of the Filipino worldwide.

Congratulations to the other bloggers too:

Media and Entertainment
Inside PCIJ

Sports and Leisure
Who Rides a Vespa ?

Government and Politics
Manuel L. Quezon III: The Daily Dose

Culture and Arts
Butch Dalisay: The Penman

Business and Economy
Reflections of a BizDriven Life

Geography and Travel

Science and Technology
Yugatech: Philippine Technology News and Reviews

The Filipino Librarian

Ang Tarlakin

I know most of these bloggers too. Butch Dalisay is Lauren’s professor in one of her Creative Writing classes.

Here is a photo of that section:wikipinoys of the year Click on the thumbnail to view the press release.

Source: Manila Bulletin, Students & Campuses, J-2- J3, January 6, 2008

filipinaLastly, I’d like to thank WikiPilipinas for recognizing as WikiPilipinas: Newsmakers of 2007 (Website category) and as one of the four Proudly Pinoy WebSites of 2007.

21 thoughts on “WikiPinoys of the Year: Bloggers”

  1. thanks for leaving a comment on my blog to let me know about the inclusion of my blog. i just find it strange that there doesn’t seem to be a list on wikipilipinas itself. i also wonder about the criteria. what did i do to be classified under “communities”?

    btw, congrats on your daughter’s inclusion on the list =)

  2. @Julie- Thanks 🙂

    @vonjobi- I am not sure why there was no list in their website but it’s right there in Sunday’s Bulletin Today. Maybe they wanted it to be a surprise? As to communties, I am not sure either. Is it community of librarians?!?

    I will take a photo of that section later today.

  3. Hi Noemi! Congratulations to your daughter Lauren. And many many thanks for the heads up. I have no idea about this wiki thingy and is very thankful for the mention. I had to go out to buy a copy at the nearest convenient store. haha. Thank you! Mind if I use your shot of the paper?

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