I nearly killed our Boxer pup

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March 18, the day we had been waiting for so long. We finally moved in to our new home. You know, our new home symbolizes new beginnings. It seemed like an unreachable dream a few months ago. For months, we couldn’t find a property that satisfied our budget and needs. The journey to our new home shows that one can attain a dream if one remains focused and believe that God’s plan works.

The move must have made me so hyper-excited that I lost my focus that morning. As the movers drove in to the garage, they told me to move my car a bit forward. Then I heard a long yelp. Ugh I had forgotten I had tied Humphrey’s leash beside the garage door. Then I heard cries from my 2 girls. Oh no…I killed our boxer. My heart sank. I couldn’t bear to look at the suffering puppy. I turned to the fawn colored pup and felt relief that blood wasn’t spilled all over the garage. My girls were horrifed that I ran over his tiny paw.

“oh mom, let’s bring him to the vet”

It was a dilemma. Should I bring the pup to the vet or not? The movers were piling the boxes on the van and soon we would have to go. Butch was nowhere in sight. So I trusted my instincts. I hugged the whimpering pup close to my chest and he stopped yelping after a few minutes. Phew, I almost thought I ‘d run to the vet for emergency checkup.

The horror of moving day ended there…

It’s our third day since our move and there is 50% semblance of order in our new home. There is still so much to do but I am taking it slowly enjoying every activity in fixing a new home.

Here is a rundown of the day.

1. My workstation in the second floor is in place.

2. The kitchen and beds were the first to be organized.

3. We resolved our furniture conflict. No to Lion table but the narra four poster bed prevailed. Shucks.

4. And what happened to the Thirteen Things to do before Moving to our New Home. Did I accomplish them? Let me count.

  • The refrigerator, gas stove, washing machine, water heaters and airconditioner were in place before the move
  • L and M got their new beds.
  • As for the internet connection, I got Globelines Broadband Budget Bundles, Smart Bro and PLDT MyDSL even before we moved in.
  • We got rid of our junk through garage sales and donations.
  • That workstation (see photo above) was built by Marlon, the same carpenter that Connie used.
  • Yup, the papers were all finalized
  • I decided not to get a moving/packing company. I packed everything myself and hired a six wheeler van . The savings weren’t that much though. The van I got required me to have two trips. I should have gotten a container van.
  • Thanks to my ever efficient painter, the home interiors was done in time for our move. I am retaining him to repaint/revarnish some of our antique tables and cabinets.
  • Sanding of the narra parquet floor was dusty and messy but the finished product turned out really nice.
  • Reupholstetery of the couch will be done this week.
  • I hired two extra domestic help for packing and cleaning and other odd jobs. I considered contracting the services of Dust Mites a cleaning company but the one day cleaning service would cost me the monthly salaries of two helpers. It made sense to hire extra help which I can retain for the next few weeks.
  • I need to inform banks and other creditors for my change of address.
  • Paperwork for the sale is almost there.

Inspite of the near tragedy of our pup, we were filled with joy and excitement. Butch and I carried rice over our heads while L carried salt and M held on to a bottle of oil as we walked in to our home sweet home.

To prosperity!

Noemi Lardizabal-Dado (1386 Posts)

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  • i’m glad Humphrey is alright.

    i like your work station. i liek the white and lots of space. and your kitchen is a dream. lots of cabinets and counter space.

  • @dexie- I was so relieved he was alright. I was forced to make my workstation white because the previous owner had a white bookcase in that room.

  • Wow, at last! A few more weeks and you’ll be settled in.

    BTW, si Butch ala work station? hehehe

  • Butch doesn’t work at home. hehe. But he has a decorative writing table in our room. in fact, writing tables are scattered in almost all bedrooms.

  • wow! congrats Noemi. your working place is impressive.
    and i’m glad Humphrey’s well.

  • I am relieved that Humprey is alright. I couldn’t wait until you are all settled. I am also excited for your family. Have a great day.

  • That’s what I need here in my house, a workstation. Hehe. I work almost everywhere where I manage to sit and get comfortable. How much did it cost to have a workstation made? I want a really comfortable place to work. 🙂

    Congrats Noemi and glad your Pup’s alright 🙂

  • @dine- i have 3 other working places. In the evenings, I work there. Mornings , I work downstairs. And afternoons in my writing table at my bedroom

    @abbie- humphrey is one sturdy pup

    @carlo- cost me around 18,000 pesos (materials and labor) . The carpenter used automotive paint so it lasts longer and polyurethane to make it a bit more scratch resistant. remember white paint is more expensive than varnish/ wood stain. I also had drawers below to place legal sized envelopes.

  • I really pays to be organized for a high-stress activity like moving. Konting ayos ayos na lang siguro. I am glad that’s over and you’re enjoying your new home. Most of all, it’s terrific Humprey’s unharmed (or not too much to warrant vet care).

    Wo when’s the house warming?

  • wow, congratulations and sure you’re enjoying your new home! i love the look of your kitchen, so much space for everything!

    and i hope humprey’s paw is no longer hurting.

  • @annamanila- housewarming is two months from now probabaly on my 50th birthday. I want to furnish my new home with nice things pa kasi. slowly

    @zherwin- The kitchen is a place of conversation, a place to feed happy souls

  • Congratulations! Here’s to a new beginning! Everything looks good and I admire your organizational skills.

  • Hi, Noems! I have a dog-training book for Humphrey. I cannot wait to meet him. I promise to overdose myself with anti-allergy medicine just for Humphrey!

    As for the polyurethane coating, my late mother-in-law suggests NINE COATINGS. She did that for the wooden kitchen counter — and sure enough, it looked sparkling new!

    Loved your work station, of course. I have to go to the Philippine Consulate next week so you can get your package asap.

    In the meantime, check my website at http://www.RadiantView.com and go to THE FILIPINO CALENDAR. Check out my blog entry on kababayan.ph so you know how you can qualify for the $100 weekly drawing. So much stuff is going on in our community here — you’ll be so proud of us!

    all my love,


  • @pinayhekmi- The starbucks planner came in really handy

    @Lorna- Thanks for the book. I hope I can get it soon. Thanks for the $100 tip