60 things I wish I could tell my 19 year old self

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My mother died when I was 19 years old.  I wished she were around to give me nuggets of wisdom. I ended up praying to my mom asking for guidance whenever I stumbled along the way. Most of the time, I was on my own with the help of my siblings. We often talked among ourselves and try to resolve our challenges. Most importantly, I learned to nurture my inner child. I learned the art of loving my inner child after I realized that there were many aspects of my life that were left unresolved. Now, that I am older and wiser, I look back and talk to my 19 year old self because it was the year before I met my husband. I guess I would have been a better me, if I knew all this then.

19 year old

1. Build your skills. Don’t rely on your college education.

2. Your ‘re beautiful

3. They didn’t know any better.

4. You ‘re smart

5. Keep dreaming

6. When you are caught in a gossip, it is possible they gossip behind your back

7. Prayers are helpful.

8. Envision your future.

9. Love yourself more.

10. Don’t be trapped in labels.

11. In recovery , it’s usually two steps forward , one step (or giant step) backward.

12. Love never dies .

13. Life gives you a second chance .

14. Cats are stress busters.

15. One is never too old to start a new career or change paths

16. Have an interest in people. Learn small talk.

17. Get involved with a community project

18. Volunteer . It’s a wonderful feeling to get involved on something higher than yourself.

19. Intern . Work at the bakeshop, the family business

20. Watch your diet.

21. Exercise daily. Join a sport like volleyball

22. Read more

23. Write more.

24. Build communication skills.

25. Study a foreign language.

26. Feelings are never wrong. Know how to transform it to something positive .

27. There is always a choice. Sad or glad?

28. Though Love is unconditional , there is a time for tough love.

29. Practice as if

30. Communicate with your parents and reach a compromise.

31. A crush is fleeting. Hormones are responsible

32. Nurture your inner child.

33. Value your time with your family of origin. They won’t be with you forever.

34. Save more. Spend money on experiences and education, not material things.

35. Stop smoking

36. Keep in touch with your best friends.

37. Reach out to your first cousins on your mother side.

38. Your life does not revolve around your boyfriend. Socialize more.

39. Drop your course in BS Food Technology and take that Business course you have always wanted.

40. Grades are a good start in getting a job, but it is not an assurance you’ll be successful in real life. However, your biggest assets in the real world will not be your grades but the fact that you’re personable and you know a lot of people.

41. Everything is going to be okay.

42. Don’t worry too much about what other people think about you

43. Explore the islands around the Philippines.

44. Be more adventurous. Go past your curfew.

45. Sit alone in silence for at least ten minutes every day.

46. Don’t wait all day for your boyfriend to visit.

47. Take more pictures.

48. You are not going to marry your first boyfriend.

49. Time will heal the loss and pain of a broken heart.

50.  If you fall, pick yourself up, and keep moving forward.

51. Unresolved hurts tend to haunt you back in future relationships. Learn to forgive and let go.

52. Don’t be afraid to fail because you will always learn something.

53. Spend more time with dad. This is one thing I wished I did more. I chose to live away from him after college graduation because he was a strict dad. But now looking bad, I miss him a lot.

54. Take care of your teeth.

55. Wear sunscreen.

56.You will not end up  going to work in the field you studied, and that’s okay.

57. You do not need a relationship to feel complete. Love yourself first.

58. Invest in quality wardrobe pieces.

59. Be open to trying new things.

60. Mom was right. Your siblings are your best friends for life.

Want to add to this list? What is one thing you would tell your nineteen-year-old self?