An Internet Cafe with Free Wi-Fi

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As a media partner for the upcoming VoIP Convention in 2007, I was tasked to write articles for their souvenir program. My deadline was yesterday, rather last week. Oh dear, I have limited VOIP knowledge and time at my hands. The first thought that entered my mind was to interview Silverback ASP, the only Filipino-owned VOIP Provider (for outbound VOIP calls). I didn’t know Globe, Bayantel, and PLDT were using VOIP resellers (like Vonage, Packet 8 etc from the USA). I immediately got the appointment with Steve Davis, the CEO of Silverback ASP. As I stepped into their office, I was surprised to see the ITX Cafe/Silverback signage by the large window panes. Oh an internet cafe! As I looked in, I liked what I saw.


An informal ambience of comfortable chairs, swings, gorilla nest and computers in the corner for internet use . I was 30 minutes early for my appointment. You know, I’d rather be early than keep the other party waiting for me. As I eased myself on the chair, I turned on my macbook and was quite pleased that I got a wi-fi connection.

This is my dream business office setup. The virtual office was a plan but a physical office is so much better. Part business office, coffee shop with my baked goodies, and offering free wi-fi to the customers. It’s important to dream about a goal so it can eventually materialize one day. The most important value is having fun and doing business at the same time. Looking at the photos around the ITX cafe, the partners of Silverback ASP appear to be doing both. No wonder they moved to the Philippines and even devloped and providing internet service in Mindoro Island.

No, I won’t to serve alcoholic beverages!

I just love the comfort and informal air around the place. Coffee for only 55 pesos (I got it free though) and chatting via Google Talk with my husband and 2 daughters while waiting for Steve are simple thrills. Move over Starbucks!

The best surprise of all was meeting Steve Davis. See, I only expected to interview him for 30 minutes. But he expanded my VOIP knowledge for two and a half hours. Amazing! He even demonstrated VoiP calls originating from Japan and the USA.


Now that I have some material, all I need to do is make a write-up which I will soon publish in my VoIP blog . I need to get inspired to write. Maybe I will move over to the ITX cafe.

A photo of the partners are pasted at the wall of the ITX coffee shop. Steve Davis ,below left photo