Christmas Bazaars

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UPDATE Read Christmas Bazaars Schedules in the Philippines – 2007

flea marketWhile strolling Market! Market! this afternoon, Christmas songs blasted away from the mall’s pipe-in music. Ah, as always, September signals Christmas shopping season. I feel a gnawing pressure but my mindset is not to make shopping a stressful activity. My favorite shopping hangout are the bazaars because one can find interesting finds or bargains not normally found in flea markets or department stores. Flea markets are similar to bazaars though. I used to enjoy the Greenhills Flea Market since it first started in the early 80’s. Lately, I noticed that their goods are similar to the 168 Mall items . Before I was into bazaars, I thought that these places sold expensive goods. A few years ago, my husband gave me tickets to the Manila Polo bazaar. Not expecting to find anything, I surprised myself by lugging a bunch of gift items and Christmas decors to the car.

Looking at the list of Philippine Christmas Bazaars, there are bazaars almost every weekend. I’m sure my girls will want to go and investigate the stalls.They are usually adept at finding something unique. For them, the fun part in bazaar shopping is looking for the bargain items. For some reason, the girls will not buy anything that is “expensive”. I enjoy these mother-daughter shopping adventures.