Halloween Trick or Treat

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Halloween Trick or Treat is a tradition that my husband started with the kids when they were around four years old. As a kid, I never grew up in the Halloween tradition of the Western world but hubby did. Halloween Celebration through the years is a memory that my kids treasure because of the yummy treats and magical costumes.

My two girls who were 5 and 4 years old then

Yes, happy childhood memories next to Christmas and birthday celebrations. Now that my kids are over twenty years old, they have their way of celebrating Halloween.


It’s my first time in the US without my children during Halloween day, a first trick or treat here too. I enjoyed my day. The kids were so cute or scary in their costumes.


There were not that many kids though. According to my brother-in-law, not a single candy is left after Trick or Treat. We had three huge bags left. I think the Giants game prevented some parents from driving their little kids around the neighborhood.


It was so cute watching the kids dressed in their finest costumes, friom Ninja, to princess, witches, super heroes, mummies, ghouls . One teenage kids wore an Obama head mask and wore a tuxedo with it.

Others took pains to put makeup on their faces. It was a fun night . I wished my kids were there with me to enjoy the treats and creepy fun fare.

Hope your Halloween trick or treat day was fun