I am not a Therapist or a Counselor

I am not a therapist.

I am not a sex therapist, either.

Neither am I a marriage counselor.

I lead a peer support group for grief recovery every 3rd saturday of the month. That’s about it.

Writing about recovery principles are the stuff that I learned because of my roller-coaster journey to a new life after the death of my son. Naturally, my family life, personal relationships and married life were all affected by this unspeakable tragedy. I came out like a new person, and now having the time of my life. I know some of you can also relate to my journey and it helps you because you see hope. You catch a glimpse of yourself in me but that’s about it. That’s the only help I can give unless it is about grief recovery.

I’d love to help but see, I can only help you if you’re my friend or have known you for some time. Sending me an email me won’t work out because it is only one side of the story. Any advice I’d give you will not be accurate.

It’s okay to ask for help we need from a friend, a family member, God or the appropriate resource. You don’t have to struggle through feelings and problems alone.

I have friends who are professional therapist and if you are really serious about getting help, I can refer you to them. It is healthy to ask for help when help is what we need. It is self-defeating to hint, whine, manipulate or coerce help out of people. It is annoying to go to people as a victim and expect them to rescue us.

Maybe you trust me but I might not be the right source. I am not trained to be a therapist. I can only be your friend. Let’s have coffee, okay and then we can simply just babble away.