Not all husbands (except for my readers) are responsible and understanding like my husband. My husband never took it against me if I refused sex because he knew there was more to sex than the act itself. Usually the “no” is because I wasn’t ready to be pregnant at a certain point in time. When I say “sorry dear, I think I am fertile”, he will either abstain or use birth control methods like the condom which is in itself is a violation of the Catholic doctrine. (We have since stopped believing in the Catholic Church especially when it has not responded well to current issues of the populace.) I have never used the pill either. Yet, I wished we had more children though because I can certainly afford the means to provide for their future.

I know I can clothe, feed and send them to good schools. But what about the rest of the 88.7 million Filipinos in this country? Our country is the 12th most populous nation in the world with a country size as big (300,000 km² or 115,831 sq miles) as Arizona where the latter’s population has only 6 million people.

Sooner or later our country will not have enough space for the growing population.

My husband already wrote about the Reproductive Health Bill a few months back but I never really paid it much attention until deliberations on the bill got suspended till November 10. Looking at the Full text of House Bill No. 5043 (Reproductive Health and Population Development Act of 2008) and the fact sheet, I have decided to support the Reproductive Health Bill (HB 5043) but that deliberations take place to remove inconsistencies of the proposed Act. (Download pdf file)

I believe that most of our countrymen are not very well informed about their own reproductive health especially on how the fertility cycle works. We have seen for ourselves how Sex Education in our schools are not even in place.

How many women know when they are “fertile”?

How many men know that too?

Will they take it against their wives if they refuse sex?

Everyone will have their own opinions regarding the Reproductive Health Bill even the Catholic Church. Why is the Catholic Church involved anyway? This makes a mockery of the doctrine of separation of church and state, as it seeks to force Catholic dogma upon the entire nation, regardless of whether one subscribes to it or not. It has now become an issue of the Church imposing its will on what is essentially a secular matter. What of the non-Catholics among us ? Are they also to be denied the freedom to choose and be informed? The Response to Couples for Christ Ad placed the Penalty provisions of the Reproductive Health bill completely out of context and almost dramatic.

Others say that the real problem is corruption. Fixing the corrupt and graft practices of our government which has been a life-long problem anyway, can go hand-in-hand with the approval and implementation of the Reproductive Health Bill.

I support the proposed act because it does not only seek to protect and promote reproductive health and rights. It also seeks to empower couples, women, and the youth and aims to improve the quality of life of the people in general.

Just a few the highlights of the bill which I support:

1. I believe Filipina women or their spouses should have the freedom to choose what is best for them and the family. (help couples/parents achieve their desired fertility size in the context of responsible parenthood;)

2. I believe that sustained information campaign be imparted on reproductive health rights, care, services and facilities coupled with universal access to all methods of family planning ranging from the natural to the modern which are medically safe and legally permissible.

I believe that the bill should be approved as soon as Congress convenes and irons out the inconsistencies and the punitive measures . Sign this Online petition if you want to support Reproductive Health & Population Development Act of 2008 (HB 5043)

And if I go to Hell because I support the bill, then so be it. Let me deal with eternal damnation when my time comes.

Update October 25

Catholics can support the RH bill in good conscience

Position paper on the Reproductive Health Bill by individual faculty* of the Ateneo de Manila UniversityWe, individual faculty of the Ateneo de Manila University, call for the immediate passage of House Bill 5043 on “Reproductive Health and Population Development” (hereafter RH Bill) in Congress. After examining it in the light of Philippine social realities, and informed by our Christian faith, we have reached the conclusion that our country urgently needs a comprehensive and integrated policy on reproductive health and population development, as provided by the RH Bill.

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