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I Support Reproductive Health Bill & Population Development Act of 2008 (HB 5043)

Not all husbands (except for my readers) are responsible and understanding like my husband. My husband never took it against me if I refused sex because he knew there was more to sex than the act itself. Usually the “no” is because I wasn’t ready to be pregnant at a certain point in time. When I say “sorry dear, I think I am fertile”, he will either abstain or use birth control methods like the condom which is in itself is a violation of the Catholic doctrine. (We have since stopped believing in the Catholic Church especially when it has not responded well to current issues of the populace.) I have never used the pill either. Yet, I wished we had more children though because I can certainly afford the means to provide for their future.

I know I can clothe, feed and send them to good schools. But what about the rest of the 88.7 million Filipinos in this country? Our country is the 12th most populous nation in the world with a country size as big (300,000 km² or 115,831 sq miles) as Arizona where the latter’s population has only 6 million people.

Sooner or later our country will not have enough space for the growing population.

My husband already wrote about the Reproductive Health Bill a few months back but I never really paid it much attention until deliberations on the bill got suspended till November 10. Looking at the Full text of House Bill No. 5043 (Reproductive Health and Population Development Act of 2008) and the fact sheet, I have decided to support the Reproductive Health Bill (HB 5043) but that deliberations take place to remove inconsistencies of the proposed Act. (Download pdf file)

I believe that most of our countrymen are not very well informed about their own reproductive health especially on how the fertility cycle works. We have seen for ourselves how Sex Education in our schools are not even in place.

How many women know when they are “fertile”?

How many men know that too?

Will they take it against their wives if they refuse sex?

Everyone will have their own opinions regarding the Reproductive Health Bill even the Catholic Church. Why is the Catholic Church involved anyway? This makes a mockery of the doctrine of separation of church and state, as it seeks to force Catholic dogma upon the entire nation, regardless of whether one subscribes to it or not. It has now become an issue of the Church imposing its will on what is essentially a secular matter. What of the non-Catholics among us ? Are they also to be denied the freedom to choose and be informed? The Response to Couples for Christ Ad placed the Penalty provisions of the Reproductive Health bill completely out of context and almost dramatic.

Others say that the real problem is corruption. Fixing the corrupt and graft practices of our government which has been a life-long problem anyway, can go hand-in-hand with the approval and implementation of the Reproductive Health Bill.

I support the proposed act because it does not only seek to protect and promote reproductive health and rights. It also seeks to empower couples, women, and the youth and aims to improve the quality of life of the people in general.

Just a few the highlights of the bill which I support:

1. I believe Filipina women or their spouses should have the freedom to choose what is best for them and the family. (help couples/parents achieve their desired fertility size in the context of responsible parenthood;)

2. I believe that sustained information campaign be imparted on reproductive health rights, care, services and facilities coupled with universal access to all methods of family planning ranging from the natural to the modern which are medically safe and legally permissible.

I believe that the bill should be approved as soon as Congress convenes and irons out the inconsistencies and the punitive measures . Sign this Online petition if you want to support Reproductive Health & Population Development Act of 2008 (HB 5043)

And if I go to Hell because I support the bill, then so be it. Let me deal with eternal damnation when my time comes.

Update October 25

Catholics can support the RH bill in good conscience

Position paper on the Reproductive Health Bill by individual faculty* of the Ateneo de Manila UniversityWe, individual faculty of the Ateneo de Manila University, call for the immediate passage of House Bill 5043 on “Reproductive Health and Population Development” (hereafter RH Bill) in Congress. After examining it in the light of Philippine social realities, and informed by our Christian faith, we have reached the conclusion that our country urgently needs a comprehensive and integrated policy on reproductive health and population development, as provided by the RH Bill.

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27 thoughts on “I Support Reproductive Health Bill & Population Development Act of 2008 (HB 5043)”

  1. Way to go, Noemi! Another blogger for the RH bill!

    Really, we do not a reproductive health bill passed soon. If there are disagreements in the current version of the bill, then I hope they’ll be able to iron out the inconsistencies, without having to favor one religion. Choices have to be given to the people. By only promoting NFP, we will be condemning a lot to a life of ignorance regarding their reproductive health because how will there be informed decisions if people will be educated only on contraception methods approved by one religion? Education is the key here and let the people decide for themselves how they will live their lives as they see fit.

    1. it is ignorance that for me is the crux of the matter. I do agree that the bill be reviewed more to iron inconsistencies. Like you, education is the main ingredient here. I think the Catholic Church is way over-reacting to the bill.

  2. I am a Catholic but I don’t understand why other Catholics reject the idea of having a reproductive health bill.

    I mean, Catholic is not the sole religion in this country. It doesn’t mean that when you’re a majority, you have the right to be followed. Tsk.

    Thank you for posting this Ms Noemi. I downloaded the RH bill in PDF and I did not understand some of the jargon until I found this entry of yours. Thank you for leading us to some other blogs that’ll make us understand the RH Bill more.

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  5. I’m not against the bill because I’m Catholic. Economically, politically etc. anyhow you choose, there are points to be considered. There are more things to be discussed and how it concerns the religion is a very minute part of it.

  6. Sorry to dissapoint you folks but as one of the marians , i disapprove the Rh bill. All of you please think and reflect what wilkl be our world if this will pass. You create and kill it with just your mind. Even just your mind you commit sins .The reproductive health bill will not bring any progress for our country because it will only promote promiscuity among the youth exploitation of women and immorality. Can you risk your conscience????You disgrace our Gods image !!!!! think about that !!!!!

  7. I’m from a catholic University an I strongly support the passage of the bill for the following reasons

    1.) It does not invoke any harsh penalty as reference to China’s population policy…. it merely widened the option available to couples especially the women.

    2.) It is time to have a concrete framework on how to manage our population. We have to remember in any human organization management is a necessity and it does not exclude the family.

    And for the church;

    The church has no accountability on whatever might happen to society they will simply blame the government.

    I’m not saying that I’m right but just think about it….

  8. I consider myself a Catholic. It is, after all, what is indicated in my legal documents and I received most of the sacraments and I do go to church. But I support the Reproductive Health Bill. Does that make me a bad Catholic? An ignorant Catholic? I have made the rounds of Internet forums and have read all I can about the stand of the church and their rationale. BUT I JUST DON’T BELIEVE THEM. I am converting to agnosticism.

    1. Those claiming to be Catholics and still supporting RH bill, I will be happy to explain to you what it is to be a Catholic so that you will be placed on the same perspective with the Catholic stand on RH bill. But if you refuse to learn deeper the Catholic faith, then you will never understand. It takes the Grace of God to have faith in Him. Pray for that grace!

      1. I support the passage of the RH bill,It will enhance the
        growth control of our population,Not only we are popu
        lating our country but we are cluttering it.I truly believe
        in Absolute Scientifical General Knowledge.”GOD” use
        good doctors,and good technology. We also need to
        to educate our people about Financial Family Planning.
        lack of knowledge people perish.”GOD”said in Gennesis:
        Be Multiply,but be Responsible.Faith with out action is
        Dead.”HE” gave us this world to be responsible,and
        this is our purpose in life.”JESUS”said in Mathew, Be
        aware before generation many religeous righteous,or
        (false prophet) will come, many will be decieve,and
        many will suffer.they will condem many by my sake,
        just like when they persecuted at the Cross,because
        of their own riligion,or(Ligalistic Mentality) They will
        will try to figure me out base upon their own under-
        standing.They appear so beautiful outward,but inside
        they are full of dead mens bone,You will know them
        by their fruit.Even thou they are prophesisng my
        “NAME”,but you hypocrite you practice lawlessnes
        I never knew you.No one comes to the “FATHER”
        except thru “ME” “I AM THE WAY THE TRUTH and
        LIFE” Depart form me your worse enemy live inside
        you. By My Grace you are Save, not because of your
        own good work,or your own goodness. History is
        “GOD” Story. If you think the religious righteous,or
        the political power,and the people power will save
        the world, you must be corrupt. If 90 percent of our
        population dont have “GODLY” Moral Principle,or
        (Biblical Wisdom) 90 percent will be in denial.our
        form of government, or our form of leadership is
        base upon “GOD” Standard. Hindi tayo humihinga
        dahil sa ating dangal,Pride,Ego,self righteousness,
        specially popularity,This are the greatest sin in the
        “BIBLE”. Many will be corrupt because many will
        deny “HIM” AT THE “CROSS”.”HE” gave us Life.
        This is my body shall be given to you,do this in
        a Memory of “ME” “Salvation comes from “GOD”
        Remember our “FATHER”. Dont be decieve by
        your own faith.because satan can be on your side.

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  10. I too, support The RH Bill. It’s time for us to be open-minded.. Wake up, wake up.. Responsible family planning should be taught and practiced to avoid many street children wandering on the side-streets.

  11. I am a solid ROMAN CATHOLIC and it never ever crossed my mind to change not even try other religions… But I truly support the RH Bill…I believe that each and everyone of us has a choice to have or not have children may it be for personal, social or financial reason. With the growing number of unemployed, the super less fortunate…these has been the common reason of crimes aeound us. Abortion, abandonement has been almost an everyday news here in our country. I am a pro-life supporter too but I oppose a husband and wife to have children more what they can handle Not having the capacity to feed, give education and a comfortable life to a child a much more serious crime??? Making another human being live a miserable life… Is this what the opposition want??? Can the goverment or the church feed and educate the less fortunate ones??? If you can then i oppose the RH Bill if you can’t….. PLEASE spare these innocent lives.

  12. Im a roman catholic. Yes! I do support RH bill. Catholic bishops campaign against it is against development. Why are they opposing this bill? We need change. and its about time we care to the new borns or even unborns. Im against abortion so does the govenment. how can we prevent such baby abandonment and throwing if theirs no method or way to safeguard the couples future? Most of the mothers who abort and abandoned the babies are young mothers, ages 17 years of ageand up. My concern is that in every baby they abandoned is life and church say they are “pro life”? They should support this bill. Most people speculate the church`s stand against this bill. maybe because of money. To the bishops. Think first. Know whats the best for the filipino, and faith. Even god would agree on shuch move that not only saves babies from abortion, but saves the majority from poverty. For the pro RH bill. Im with you guys!

  13. Me,as a Catholic,i do support the RH Bill.because nowadays,pre-marital sex is very common for teeners..that is why,i dont believe that within RH Bill comes the word “ABORTION” because RH Bill favors “PREVENTION”,not “ABORTION”..

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