Kylee, the Sleek and Sassy Siamese

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depressed kylee“What’s wrong Kylee?”, I knelt down and asked L’s [tag]Siamese cat[/tag]. I was about to step into my car the other day when I caught a furry ball on the rear tire. Kylee’s blue eyes shot me a look of despair. See, Kylee sits beside me in another chair at my office . That morning, my husband raised his voice over a family matter. Terrified of my husband’s raised voice, Kylee scrambled out of my office.

I comforted the adorable furry ball with soothing “cat talk” but Kylee refused to budge. Rubbing his neck, I muttered that it was safe to enter the home now because the master of the house has calmed down. “It’s okay, Kylee. Don’t be worried” I continued to caress his fur until he got annoyed and left in a huff.

Lady, M’s pet cat and Kylee, L’s Siamese cat are very much a part of our family that my husband could not bring himself to purchase a condominium. With high rise living, the cats would have no place to frolic around. That’s how much we value our pets.

It’s funny how I am now the cat-sitter of my daughter’s two felines while the kids are in their dorm during weekdays. They seek human company and usually end up hovering near me because they probably noticed that their master is nowhere in the house. Kylee stays by my side at the office while Lady sits by the couch in the den a few meters away. During the day, I am usually alone in the house with only these 2 pet cats to talk to. Between the two cats, I am closer to Kylee, L’s almost 8 years old Siamese cat. One time my husband overheard me talking to Kylee. Just allow me to share a snippet on Siamese cat’s personality before you think I have gone nuts. The great thing with Siamese Cats are that they are charming conversationalists.

Impossible to ignore, this is a breed with a very definite opinion on just about everything – which it insists on sharing ! Here is a cat that just loves to chat. Although some Siamese are more talkative than others, with some having louder voices than others, all are accomplished conversationalists. So, whether it’s discussing what’s for dinner tonight or which T.V. programme to watch, this opinionated puss is sure to have something to say on the subject.

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Going back, my husband laughed “Stop talking to Kylee like he is a baby”.

I said “I talk to them like babies?”

I have forgotten how it is to talk to babies. Did I really sound like a mother talking to a baby? Like I said earlier, Kylee is quite a conversationalist with various inflections in his meow. I explained to my husband “But dear, I enjoy the feedback whenever we have this “small cat-talk”.” Hehe. Life at home is never be dull with a sleek and sassy Siamese feline by your side. In fact, it’s a bit like having a built-in entertainment unit in your home – with every day being “show-time” !

The popular song lyrics, “We are Siamese if you please,
We are Siamese if you don’t please” pretty well sums up their outlook on life.