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Shopping for Wedding Ideas

wedding congressMy 41 year old baby brother in Missouri (I still call him baby brother because I took care of him) wants me to be his wedding coordinator for a church [tag]wedding[/tag] in the Philippines. My brother and his wife did not have a church wedding 14 years ago due to financial challenges. Now that he is a successful neurologist, he dreams of a marriage with God’s blessing. He has indeed been blessed through the years with 4 lovely children, a lucrative medical parctice and a devoted wife. I told him that weddings in the Philippines is not the same as it used to be. I started to look around for wedding fairs. The last time I attended a wedding bazaar was in 2004 for Lauren’s debut plans. Just looking at the prices for photography, venue, catering , cake and other perks for Lauren’s debut could easily cost 150,000 pesos ($2,500.00) at the least. My daughter dubbed it “A not so typical debut celebration” and happily, the total expenses were only 80,000 pesos ($1,500) for 100 guests. Divisoria is my friend. My brother was impressed that I coordinated a “sort-of-grandiose” celebration . But weddings are different! There are a 101 considerations. I told him that I would shop around for a wedding events coordinator who will coordinate with me.

Together with my sister-in-law, we attended the First Philippine Wedding Congress in Megatrade Hall, SM Megamall last friday. I know my brother will love the Fernwoood Garden in Quezon city or the The Mango Farm in Antipolo. Based on my talks with an events organizer, the budget for a simple wedding with little frills is easily 200,000 ($4,000). Yikes. I started computing the video and photography, venue, catering, flowers, gowns, video clip showing etc and the expenses reached 400,000 pesos (over $5,000). Ohmygosh! My wedding in 1985 was only 30,000 pesos (less than $1,000) . Of course that’s 21 years ago but our wedding was so elegant during those days. Anyway, I think my brother can afford it. He has to consider the airplane fare for his family of 4 kids too. Or maybe he should just get married in the states so I can have a reason to vacation in the midwest.

As I was showing my husband all the brochures of the wedding congress, we suddenly had this idea of celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary in 4 years. I don’t want to spend so much for it but of course, I want to celebrate.

The Mango Farm?

Or Fernwood Gardens?

12 thoughts on “Shopping for Wedding Ideas”

  1. Aw…weddings are just lovely occassions. I always fancied out-door weddings over inside church weddings. Though it may rain, I think it would be a romantic natural-effect just like in the movies. Hoping that the rest of your guests wouldn’t be tight up snobs. 😉

  2. The Mango Farm looks beautiful although Fernwood is safer. I checked out Fernwood 4 years ago and I couldn’t afford it. Also, the cost for the venue is different for the food.

  3. The venue cost like 40thousand pesos if it’s held during the day and from 67 to 80 thousand if at night . They have 4 venues inside. And catering is like 500 pesos per head for a minimum of 150 guest

  4. if your brother wants the full extravaganza, $5,000 won’t even be enough. for photos and video alone, one can easily spend $2,000 nowadays.

    if we were to get married now, secret wedding na lang siguro kami, haha!

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  6. Lauren goes to Ateneo right?

    I think we were in the same saturday class last semester. 🙂

    I checked your webhosting site, I will contact you soon GoDaddy is taking too long.

    Have a great week ahead!

    God bless!

  7. Hi Noemi,

    I just recently stumbled upon your page from a pinoy website. I love it so much that I continue to browse your older posts during my free time! I meant to say hi a few times before, but never found the right time, until I read this entry!

    My fiance and I are intending to married in the Philippines (We’re both Filipinos, but live overseas) next year and I’ve been stressing over the planning and finances. I was wondering if you know of/ have information on good vendors and their pricing (specifically for invitations, video/photography, favours/give-aways, and music/bands) who would cater to a not-so-traditional kind of style =). I just find it VERY difficult to plan a wedding when we’re both on the other side of world.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Keep up your great site! It makes me treasure my life more =)
    More power to you and your family!

  8. hi…

    i just want to ask on where did u buy those very beautiful gowns posted here….was it in Divisoria….plsssss….plsssss…let me know…that is so much beautiful unlike those other gowns that i saw that others post that came from Divi…..

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